Sway With Lois: Macau-Guangzhou Trip Part 2

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Macau-Guangzhou Trip Part 2

This part should be talking about food , the first meal that I had in "Zuhai"珠海市“ which is after the Macau Customhouse , was in a Chinese fast food restaurant called "真功“ .
Pls drop away the ideas of chips ,fry , burger and ......what do they have in this fast food restaurant are "wantan mee , Bao
包,Soya bean , noodle with beef ,粉。。。。。the price wasn't expensive , it was just cost around 40 something Yuan元, that mean Rm 20 something for 5 people meals. Taste more delicious than those KFC , Mc.....

My second meal was in the hotel where I have
stayed . My relatives went to the Guangzhou 越秀Bus stop to bring us back to hotel and we all have the lunch there, My relatives ordered lots of food for us ...it was more than 10 plates and the price was totally 600 something for my second meals. However , the food really delicious especially the dessert沙汤圆,南瓜糕, I love the dessert most !

errrr..........how you think about the dinner er?

The dinner was much more surprise ! All my relatives came for the dinner , it t
ook 4 tables !!!
As i believe , each table was
served with more than 15 plates of food and it costs more than 200yuan per table .....so totally with added the alcohol and all drinking it should be 1000 something Yuan . And my stomach almost rupture , Pls take note : I even didn't have the rice . They could supplied the food speedy ~ and a meal could finish in 2 hours include deep chatting .

All the food I had in China are very Chinese style .On the other hand , Malaysia always
have mix cultures in all our meals. China people seldom have coffee or tea ( just Chinese tea) , they seldom eat bread or cake for breakfast . There is also less junk food in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou 's food is tasty and the taste is more suitable for Malaysia born Chinese . But I can't promise you that the taste of other state in China .

The second morning , we had the dim sum as the breakfast ,as what the HK people say
喝早 ,
my relatives like to order lots for us ........sometimes it was not a good things !!!!!! hehe

Guangzhou people have a habit , although how high-class the restaurants are they would also want to use the Chinese tea to rinse the plate . This is their habit oh~

As what I had said in the PArt 1 , They always
have the pro and con . The service in restaurants are beauty good , but the waiter seem like didn't had have any training ~ eeemmm...what I mean ?
The waiter would always refilled the drink and change the new plates for you (
they changed 3~4 times per meal), but they didn't even ask the permission before they changed the plates!!!!

They could serve a very delicious and exalted food with faulted plate( in almost 5 star restaurant ) which the room that we had
booked has toilet alone with it !!!!!!!!! Also , if the table was not enough space , they would just mix two food in one plate !!!!!!

what I obtain most in this trip is "fat" ~ hahah.....i have to keep fit again after this trip.


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