Sway With Lois: Chapatti or Chips

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chapatti or Chips

Chapatti or chips?

The book that i've read recently ,what is the first impression when you see the book's title or the sharp colour ? very indian right ? This is the first English book that can keep me continue reading beside Bible . As I am not a English Education , it is pretty hard for me to read an English noval. And with 452 pages . If this book was in Chinese , it is undoubtedly I could finish reading it within few hours. Reading isn't only help me killing the time , it is a part of my life ,especially i have traveled a lots with public vehicles. It is a good training for me , so that I can read in any circumstance.

It actually not a very educated book , Why i said that ? There are hundreds and thousands rude/ bad words in the content .Hahhahaha. I believe there was the true story , it was about an indian girl who has grown in the Western country .

Naina , the heroine , she has saved herself for the man her parents have chosen for her to marry , the man been chosen is marvelous and gorgeous . Althought she 's met him only twice ( The first time dinner and the engagement dinner , what a poor girl!) On the other hand , the hero , Dave , a good -looking ,charming and an incorrigible womanize . Both of them are best mate...........eeerrrr....not march eh.

Don't straightly set your mind with the simple preview. Naina , who has grown in western , she herself is an open mind , intelligent girl and attractive althought she still need to follow the traditional. She is a real modern girl just like any girls in the country but force to live in the traditional way .she has a weird relationship with Dave , her best mate.

A relationship that over the friendship but under couple's love. I really admire their freindship , seldom of the opposite sex could really share their real , especially male i think .

Jump back to the title of the book , chapatti (her parent chosen husband )?or chips ( Dave , his best mate ) hahahahha, it really fun ,right ? I could never have those good imaginational brain to get the brilliant title for the book .

Chinese people like to say that ,the result always came out by the causes . Dave had a very miserable childhood . As my comprehend , western who is above 16 normally would move away from their home and build their. He did .His lives is fulfil with nothing beside women and friends.Although ,Day by Day and woman by woman in his life , Naina still the only best mate for him, the mate he can share all himself .

Beside those gossip , it really a book that showing how the people in the live nowadays ,Just mind our own business. We have to learn how to choose our life , how to cope the problems and stresses by ourselves . friendship forever !!!!!!!!

The last things i would like to mention is the beginning of the story ,the interesting things was "Apple pie" brought them together as mate. ( apple pie isn't my fancy , it is too sweet to me! The point i would like to bring out is people always try to find the mate/partner in the same interest)


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