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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Am I right ? Donno

On right time , in rigth place and with right people
you could also say
meet the right person on right time and in right place
In the right place, On the right time meet the right person.
I would like to write a blog with this sentence above for long time .
But in the same time , i want to add some on it ....................."do the right things"
I believe all of us have learned Mahematic , we can get more than 3 options from it
I believe Lord have let me experience different state in my life .

  • Lord know when i should meet a person in the pacticular time and doing the right things .
  • God also might lead you to do somethings in particular time so that you could meet the right person in the right place .
  • Also , God might set a right place for you on the right time to doing something right with a person.

see ~ there are lots of possibility !

  1. For example , When i felt very down and depress in BB , I met a person who help me lots to keep me up . Also in he same time , I start changing my thought and ideas to rebuild BB .

( rigth time , rigth person and doing the right things)

2 . I met a good opposite sex friend in the right time

(when my thought isvery clear enough to handle or settle the friendship)

unluckly it has happened in the wrong place .

( right person , on rigth time but in the wrong place)

If I just doing something without fellowing the Lord 's time , It might just coming out with the terrible result . And ...and ...and .......you need to take the responsibility yourself.


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