Sway With Lois: October 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

never again !

Date : 30th Oct
Time : 720 pm

Location : McD , Melawati Utama

Exhausted day , what I had done to make me so tired ?

We have purpose to go to McD , not for food or drink , but for assignment .
Unfortunately , the McD at the MU was close due to power outage . Al thought the notice is shown it was going to start operation again at 7pm.....it was disappointed us !

So , we switched to the other branch. That mean we've waste about an hour for waiting and rearrange the venue . At 8pm Sharp , 8 of us in a group , prepare with 8 sets of stopwatch and started it .

2 hours sitting in the McD to looking at the queuing time , servicing time and customer entering .
It was painful on my neck and awful ! I t doesn't mean we can achieved our target , so TODAY , FRIDAY NIGHT , we need to go again and sitting there for the other 2 hours !

The only word that I can use to descried my situation is .....exhausted ! rush , rush and rush , for group discussion , doing final year project at lab with limited time , and also coming with all the assignments soon .

:( I still can feel the pain on my back since I had hurt it last week during doing the lab !

When Can I finish my thesis ???? :(

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taken from seki- Random BLOB ,CARRY THE ANCHOR.

Alone , we can't......
Together , we can !

I'm not so sure if all the officers willing to carry the anchor in the company just like christian carry the cross.
Few weeks ago , when I chit chatting with one of the female NCO who is in the college now , I asked her what is her purpose for coming to BB since she is not willing to take any responsibility on her duty . Her answer was , She already get used to goes BB , it might only her habit .

In the same time , I do always complaint about other officers who is not paying attention when they're in the BB service . Sure, there are a lots of excuses, yup! I know most of them are busy in the church and fellowship service . In this case , it shows how important BB is in their mind .

I hope that if you're willing to spend your time to service the youth , please do it the best !
For the unity , it's the responsible for all the parts in the body to action .

Monday, October 27, 2008

Selangor state Founder's Day 2008

26th October 2008 , At Canaan Lutheran Church , Jalan Reko , Kajang .
Sorry , friends, I know you all are looking forward to see the photos , please be patient .
The photos isn't with me , but the Sgt . timothy would upload it to the 4th kajang Company 's Album ( as He had promised me !)within this week !

haiz ......sad to see this , since I was no inside this picture
I were not in uniform ! Why ? ( on leave mah !)

Was Damn tired ! from morning 7 something until evening 7 something !
( Sunday worship + Founder's day celebration)

1st Serdang Company ( New company , still very hot one !)
Good to have you to joined the state event !

Seki is back ! sure everyone know lah
but till now only can meet
2 years ! time flies !

Alicia ~ finally can took a nice picture with you
enjoy the time for chit-chatting also .

It was started on 2pm sharp , most of the companies can arrived punctually . Some might not so familiar with kajang , the venue is kinda far from kajang town .The message from the Pastor David was really good ,hope that Boys and Girls get the encouragement from the God' words.And I could see all the members enjoyed themselves with the other companies within selangor state ( especially the game time ) . There was a good news and bad news from State commissioner, Mr Thomas Tan , this year would be his last year to become the state commissioner because of the youth act policy . Captains and officers who is over 40 is no able to stay in their position (Thanks God ! some of them still willing to serve). When the way back home , me and my captain started counting the age ! He just remains 6 years to go into 40.

The good news is selangor state has 13 companies ! We're growing in the number ! few more companies are going to start on next year ! And we do hope the 2nd kajang can re-opened.

Awesome event ! Well done !

Saturday, October 25, 2008

need your help!

New Target , the price range is about Rm 50++ ~ Rm 70 ++
I'm trying my hard to find the cheapest
since my teacher told me , one of his student could get it in about RM 50 ++ at Mid valley.
The price in the music school in Sg wang is Rm 80++ although I could get some discount ,
it 's still pricey !

  • Besame Mucho
  • Dos Gardenias
  • Guantanamera
  • La Bamba
  • Lambada
  • Mas Que Nada
  • Oye Comova Va
  • Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
  • Sway
  • The Girl From Ipanema

I found 3 of my favorite songs in this music sheet book !
Looking forward to enjoy the other 7 songs ~

I'm a little fan for Harry Potter
this would be my next next target .
This music sheet book 's price is acceptable for me .
I still need to save little by little !
Rm 36.64 , Rm 39.66( e bay)

Is anyone could help me to get the "affordable" price ?
Is anyone can recommend me any book store ?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How come it become like this ????

I have communication problem
a huge one !!!!!!

Especially it happens in this time !
I'm so sorry I made a mistake in misuse some words

Pls give me a chance to explain
I just try to solve problems
not create friction !

I just don't like people play "Tai Ji method " to me .
In some circumstance , I need the answer straight to point .
Sorry for my impatient , stubborn and too serious .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Everybody has their own habit , a cup of tea for my breakfast is must !
But Coffee is depend on my mood , and I enjoy the time to taste it slowly .
It brings a sense of satisfaction. The little bitter taste spread in the mouth and stay long .

My parent keen on coffee than me , some of their friends know it well and would bought the coffee as souvenir . Therefore , I'm able to taste Vietnam , Colombia, Bali , USA ,Malacca.......different type of coffees .

And now with a cup of coffee accompany me for writing this blog

Anyway , the article is not related on how good the coffee taste is or the differences feature of it .
It is interesting article that I read on last Sunday , is talking about a little boy ( there wasn't mention how young is the boy, more or less is about primary school or beginning of secondary) date a woman ( adult ) for a cup of coffee.

Due to the culture different , it could happened .
For the boy , it's a way to show his love and caring on a girl that he likes .
This article is not tried to mean about Boy-Girl relationship , it's more like to show how a ;ittle boy express the feeling , likely to growing and emulate the act of adult .

In the same time , the Asian woman didn't know how to respond it . She quickly went to the little boy 's mom for advices .what attire should she wear ? what should and shouldn't do in the date ?
His mom told her , the boy like girl wearing skirt . On the other hand , with showing the respect to the little boy , she also asked for the attire . A surprise answer come out from the boy , He answered circumspection , she should wears trouser because the weather is cold !

What a lovely little boy , isn't it ?

As I had mentioned , culture different ! Yes , most of the Asian might not able to accept this .
An open mind parent do teach their children with different way , not only strict assume or always using method of " You can't do this or that !"

No experience is useless , every experinces bring new edify !

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bear Bear also worship Lord together with us
although you don't like to act like a child , but the only way you can communicate to them is when you willing to make a small step into their little world~

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Happiness ........fly away from me !

My Happiness ?

I'm so down and depress in this whole week , especially the result is going to come out soon , most of the classmate discussed about it and the .There was no good news coming out after the lecturers meeting . It seems like worst than what I thought .

The other main point to cause me so moody is I'm lack of confident, I need a friend who is trustworthy !
I always doubt on many people talking bad behind me , I almost fall into valley .
Why can't you all believe me ? I hate people betray me ! I hate people doubt on my honest.

Communication problem ?

One of the reason may be !

I need a space to cry , to release my sadness .
I want a space that no one looking at me , I can cry as loud as I can .
I don't want to pretend I 'm strong , I need somebody to comfort me and just sit side by side with me .

Does Lois a honest person in your mind ???

Monday, October 13, 2008


A extremely abnormal weather for this evening .
The house surround with the orange colour sunshine while the sky is crying .
it is hardy look through the sky since the light reflection is so strong.

While I stepped out from my room , I saw my own shadow

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homemade Muachi

After reading this , I have the impulse to do it my own
it's really easy without any complicated step , whole family can enjoy it :)

Half pack of Glutinous Rice flour , some water and Red Dragon fruit juice

Stream for about 15 mins

Cool it down !

Enjoy it !

Mom said , it's taster than the outside one , and the most important point is :-)
it's much more CHEAPER !

If anyone wanna try , come to me , let us make one plate of colourful Muachi ! ( Many Plates also can !heheheh)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm so disappointed on you !

I hate the attitude with giving lots of excuses !
I hate the attitude with not willing to dedicated and aspect for big return !
I hate the attitude with not willing to progress !
I hate the attitude that doesn't has strong sense on the duty !

I don't like to co-operate with this kind of people
Since you will drag me down to satisfy with the constant

When you lost your truth worthy
it takes times to rebuild it

Only the person who has faith in himself is able to be faithful to others!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Thank you for my housemate still remember me and bought me " Dao fu fa" from PJ street.
Keep it for tomorrow , I'm very full after the dinner .

Start the new semester tomorrow ! hhhmmmm....my holidays ...gone !

Friday, October 03, 2008

Girls Gathering ~

Am I fully use my holidays ?
eemmm.........laid at home most of the time
And 2 days left !

Going for dinner with maggie~

The Conclusion for this date and some girls talk is

"Loneliness can make all the food lose their taste "

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I don't like to eat lunch !

Haiz .....the day before yesterday still said sick !

Today can cook so many !.....while I am writing this article , she is still cooking !
Every time my Aunties come and play Mahjong with my dad , MOM likes to cooks a lots.
( Unfortunately , I'm the only Christian in my family )

Lei cha (擂茶)( Grinded Tea)

No to say very keen on "lei cha" , just acceptable .
My Auntie 's mother in law is "Hakka , HO PO", so she taught my mom .

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sg Gabai -Holidays

GPRS......Play a little role

The place is deep inside the Kampung
took more than about 50 mins from my house ( Kajang)
and we reached at 3pm

why so late ?
Since I have blur blur & very blur ex-housemates
They went to genting Klang and fetch me which I was in kajang!

See ....they 're !


We all didn't go into water
just sitting there

it's good to go to natural
than shopping , isn't it ?

We planned to go to FRIM at kepong at the first
unfortunately , it's close for Raya Holidays

Was Damn Hungry!

The Food was NOT nice !

Prevent because there is NO Cure !