Sway With Lois: May 2006

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Macau-Guangzhou Trip Part 3

come again to my macau -guangzhou trip Part 3

it seems like really coming back to my real life , my trip really over . I did really enjoy the trip . What would appear in my today topic is .......tang tang tang tang .......casino ! As all we knew , casino is the vital attracts in Macau ( also the macau biscuit) , my last day trip was staying in Macau , we kept our carry in the "sands" casino....lots of people do th same although the casino wasn't our important purpose. But no point , it was a heavy raining day! we had our lunch in the casino , 20 macau money per wantan mee or fry rice or烧腊饭 with 38 , The rice was really delicious , it call “丝 苗 米”。。。this kind of rice really delicious , you must try it !

let talk about the casino , I believe I saw more than 10 thousand people in the casino , it is true . As normal we would say "seems like the don't need money" but it really need money !!!!!!!!
I went though tables by tables and looked at how the people gambling , the casino provide tea , milk and juice to all the customer , so that you don't need to leave your "seat" beside going to toilet .......all also there are few restaurants on the casino . oh.....no forget to tell you , they do provide free bus to fetch the customer from some bus stop ( I went there with this type of bus eh) .
As we always say , you could see the real charateristic of one person in the gamble ! I could see some people change 5000 in to the token and play the Roulette & Craps , he almost put more than 2500 in one game . Wah.....what a crazy , do he think the money come with very easy , it might be half of normal people's salary . The lower token in Blackjack is 200 , continue with 300 ,500 and 1000 . When you got in to the casino , you would not reliaze anything happen at outside the world , what's in your eyes are gambling gamblimg and money money .
The "sands' casino picture , I would like to take a photo inside the casino, but it was prohibit . The colour of all the window are gold , you could see it clearly when you visit the Macau .

will be back ................continue soon

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Macau-Guangzhou Trip Part 2

This part should be talking about food , the first meal that I had in "Zuhai"珠海市“ which is after the Macau Customhouse , was in a Chinese fast food restaurant called "真功“ .
Pls drop away the ideas of chips ,fry , burger and ......what do they have in this fast food restaurant are "wantan mee , Bao
包,Soya bean , noodle with beef ,粉。。。。。the price wasn't expensive , it was just cost around 40 something Yuan元, that mean Rm 20 something for 5 people meals. Taste more delicious than those KFC , Mc.....

My second meal was in the hotel where I have
stayed . My relatives went to the Guangzhou 越秀Bus stop to bring us back to hotel and we all have the lunch there, My relatives ordered lots of food for us ...it was more than 10 plates and the price was totally 600 something for my second meals. However , the food really delicious especially the dessert沙汤圆,南瓜糕, I love the dessert most !

errrr..........how you think about the dinner er?

The dinner was much more surprise ! All my relatives came for the dinner , it t
ook 4 tables !!!
As i believe , each table was
served with more than 15 plates of food and it costs more than 200yuan per table .....so totally with added the alcohol and all drinking it should be 1000 something Yuan . And my stomach almost rupture , Pls take note : I even didn't have the rice . They could supplied the food speedy ~ and a meal could finish in 2 hours include deep chatting .

All the food I had in China are very Chinese style .On the other hand , Malaysia always
have mix cultures in all our meals. China people seldom have coffee or tea ( just Chinese tea) , they seldom eat bread or cake for breakfast . There is also less junk food in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou 's food is tasty and the taste is more suitable for Malaysia born Chinese . But I can't promise you that the taste of other state in China .

The second morning , we had the dim sum as the breakfast ,as what the HK people say
喝早 ,
my relatives like to order lots for us ........sometimes it was not a good things !!!!!! hehe

Guangzhou people have a habit , although how high-class the restaurants are they would also want to use the Chinese tea to rinse the plate . This is their habit oh~

As what I had said in the PArt 1 , They always
have the pro and con . The service in restaurants are beauty good , but the waiter seem like didn't had have any training ~ eeemmm...what I mean ?
The waiter would always refilled the drink and change the new plates for you (
they changed 3~4 times per meal), but they didn't even ask the permission before they changed the plates!!!!

They could serve a very delicious and exalted food with faulted plate( in almost 5 star restaurant ) which the room that we had
booked has toilet alone with it !!!!!!!!! Also , if the table was not enough space , they would just mix two food in one plate !!!!!!

what I obtain most in this trip is "fat" ~ hahah.....i have to keep fit again after this trip.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

MaCau - Guangzhou tRip

My Macau and Guangzhou trip was in 15th -22nd May 2006 ,it was really eyes open .I am not going to share all with reporting or systematically . Eyes open can be pro and con , luckily it is equal . The first things to share is airplane and “china people” , at the beginning I would like to express what I am going to share is not contain all the China people , I just share I had seen only !!

Some China people really manifest the low safety thought in the airplane , They ignored the safety announcement , didn’t want to set the safety belt, walked around or went to toilet even chatting on the mobile phone when the plane was going to flight or fall , my eyes really “open” . What the first in my mind was those China people might be didn’t understand the Melayu or English announcement on the flight from KL to Macau ( actually it wasn’t a good excuse ) . The most terrible and the disgustful was they did the same on the flight from Macau to KL with Chinese announcement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to beat them !!!!! It’s can’t be forgive!!

Terrible , despicable, appalling……..things was the girl behind me put her feet up on my seat handle and her action was very rule all along the flying way and noisy !!!!!....yup ….the whole plane was like the “pasar malam” …

The Day which I arrived to Macau airport , it was 1st grade of typhoon , a bit cold and we have a rest in the airport ( cause my flight had arrived around 3 am ,there were no any transportation ) We were backpack so we had prepared for it . It is the first time that I ever experience typhoon ( not too bad , just a bit wind).

The picture below was taken at the airport screen to show the typhoon ( the T signal is mean typhoon)

The flight to come back to Malaysia on 22nd was delayed for 3 hours ( my flight should be on 2.30 am so I could just boarded on 5 am something) , I met one of my British Council’s ex-classmate , her flight was more vile , her flight had delayed for 9 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my “Macau – Guangzhou trip Part 1” ………………..other would be coming soon

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ladder 49

I fancy on watching some English film , if I stay at home (kajang) and no one disturbing me at night , It would be my enjoy time for film .

I had watched a film name "ladder 49" yesterday nigth in Astro channel 42 . A film which is very touch , it is a story about a fireman , brave , sympathetic ,kind......... they have very positive thought , righteous .The ending is he sacrifice himself in the fire. His family is proud on him ,his colleague promises to keep themself brave in this job.
My tears drop everytime when I have watched this types of film , althougth it might not a famous film that won lots of awards , I myself will think the film is better than "Brokeback Mountain".

I apperiate the firemen's contribute , I could learn something from the film .............but nowadays no much people will think about it . Lots of my friends just like to watch the comic films or some Hong Kong action films...................don't misunderstood ! ( I do enjoy the comic film sometimes) I am not going to obstruct you in your liberty . I just thinking that don't always wasting money on it. Also , I would like to remind you , don't forget to catch out some important point from the film which you have watched . It always bring out some vital message .

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Am I right ? Donno

On right time , in rigth place and with right people
you could also say
meet the right person on right time and in right place
In the right place, On the right time meet the right person.
I would like to write a blog with this sentence above for long time .
But in the same time , i want to add some on it ....................."do the right things"
I believe all of us have learned Mahematic , we can get more than 3 options from it
I believe Lord have let me experience different state in my life .

  • Lord know when i should meet a person in the pacticular time and doing the right things .
  • God also might lead you to do somethings in particular time so that you could meet the right person in the right place .
  • Also , God might set a right place for you on the right time to doing something right with a person.

see ~ there are lots of possibility !

  1. For example , When i felt very down and depress in BB , I met a person who help me lots to keep me up . Also in he same time , I start changing my thought and ideas to rebuild BB .

( rigth time , rigth person and doing the right things)

2 . I met a good opposite sex friend in the right time

(when my thought isvery clear enough to handle or settle the friendship)

unluckly it has happened in the wrong place .

( right person , on rigth time but in the wrong place)

If I just doing something without fellowing the Lord 's time , It might just coming out with the terrible result . And ...and ...and .......you need to take the responsibility yourself.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

UnUsual Mid NigHt

I Live in Kajang and stay at KL . As most of the students in Tar college , I have stayed in an apartment .Yesterday night , I suddenly heard the apartment alarm rang , it turned the opposite block 's head on us and start tumultuary. ( pls take note , the opposite block is not the block in my apartment area , it is an other condominium oppsite us ) . I started seeking what have happened on . At the first i though it wasn't my block , but in the meanwhile it could smelly some odor , it seems like FIRE !

what the funny things was one of my other housemate wasn't know what happened at all !!!!!!!!!
And I start hearding people escape from the block , We do so !
It was not the 1st time we have this experience , the latest time was the earthquake and sunahmi which happened on the asia area . We could felt it very strong , it might be because of I stay at 13 floor , it was really unpeace day.

hhmmmmm....jump back ~! yup....we quickly ran down by stairs , lots of people already downstair . Finally , what really had happened is a car been fire by someone who drop firebrand it.
eeerrrrrrrr..........we have to walk up to 13 floors again because the lift was disallow to use for the short time .

Bomba do came ,but all was over ~

I have 2 blur blur housemate who really couldn't notice any emergency , sometime it really make people worry about, Also , they both are deep myopia and wearing contact lens .
What can I do ?

Attended an EnrolMenT CerEmoNy

Last Sunday , I been invited to 1st KL Boys' Brigade enrolment ceremony by Giok leigh . It was touch , there were one junior boy , a senior boy and a mother talked about their testimonies . Beside that , i Could see lots of parents were going to support their child in the BB, it was never happen in my own company . I went there alone in the morning , a old brother in Christ who sat beside me had a small chat with me , he told me he was a BB Boy too in the 1954 ....wah , long history eh.....and also he said his son also was the BB too . In the meanwhile , a question pop ...came out of my mind , I am thinking does his grandson also a BB too ? But i didn't ask about it.

Jump back to the " parent's testimony" , It was extremely great to heard about a testimony from a mother , I don't have much opportunity to listen the commets from BB 's parents . It really encourge me . Especially , when she gave thanks to the officers who have helped and leaded her son . As i am an officer , it reminds me , i am not doing nothing among the boys and what i have done is really worth .

I couldn't say there are the parents' s problem , I do admit we did not well in showing how their child are changing to become better after they have joined the BB . Most of the parents in my company don't know what their child have learned from BB , they even don't know what their child is doing .

I thank God , Boys' Brigade is not only an uniform body , it is a very meaningful and lead the boys to the Lord .