Sway With Lois: November 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Still early of Twenty

Ok , Today is my big day .

Thanks God that I had a very well sleep until 11 :11 am ...hehehe

I get 4 online greeting , 4 sms greeting and a present from housemates.
I do envy on those people who always said that there have a long list of friends/ uncounterable of friends to thanks for .

Who 's causing it ?
definitely myself :-)
I didn't do my part as a friend , hehehe.....need to self-criticism

Went to book fair with parent at The Mines and have my pre -lunch at serdang , Yong Dao FU .
We reached around 1:45 pm and stayed until around 5:40 pm.
This time I wonder why my parent could stand for so long times which at the other side I was the one who look very tired .
On our way home , they told me they went for message chair for half hour and also went for tea . oOOohh......that Why ah ! So smart !!!!!

Within this 2 days
my friends thrown me some sensitive question .

Want me to think about "if ......., then ...?"
"How you think about .......?"

I just answer honestly , "I do know oh " .
Don't make my life so complicated .

I am in worried in this period , mostly because my housemates are going to move out , Need to find others to come in . One is graduated and another one wiling to has her own space and don't want to share. Gonna miss them !!!

My housemate who got her Job at Puchong is annoying that how she can move there without any transport . It is a horrible and terrible thing , I hate moving house !
This topic related to where to get a driver and how to move all those huge size furniture . And the transport to work .
undoubtedly , We would talk about lad . 3 of them said , they would never get a boy friend who doesn't has car .Would a girl nowadays choose someone who 's without transport ? At the first , I can't really agree them .

But .......

When we talked about our ages ( we remind our own ages) , eeerrr..........hahah...they 're right!
We are no longer teen !!! No longer those who's still in dreaming ! ( hahaha.....I didn't dream anymore in my birthday as was in my teen )
this didn't mean that we 're dependent on guy .Their theory is ,if a guy in our ages who 're in work still don't have a car , it would be too late for them to even own a house in the future. ( anyway , not all the people would like to own a car , the traffic is too jam !)

And my other friend asked me : " what your opinion with LOVE?"( bg relationship)


Hey , this is totally hard question for me lah !!!!!!
I still remember the day before, I asked my housemates , "can I have a kid and don't want his/her daddy ?" ( just a joke , doesn't mean it ).........they were speechless !
Then I answer my friend : "You 're go into a wrong person on asking this question "
She knew that I would answered in a bitter way . She want me to think on the good side ..... :-P

oh...ok , I try my best .

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Totally unfair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you say I am prejudice or whatever , I don't mind

Chinese news
English news

I do feel it is unfair for all the female . I believe most of us know about this rule especially if you are live in Islamic country. ( you might be don't know , but you must have heard about it before )

This is a big loophole !!!!!

what is " no Witness” ?? Do you think if there was any witness when the raping case happened , the witness would just act stupid and let the "business" finished then only go to report police?

Another foolish loophole is , Do you think the rapists would admit that they had raped the girl by their ownselves? So what for we having the very high technology nowadays in medical development? What the purpose to set the law for human being ? To upset people ?

As we knew that the dressing code for middle east countries are always very strict . The rape cases would still happen . So what is it reflect about if compare to Malaysia?
When the ministers who always has tried to give loads of comment on woman dresses or bad insult with the words.

Their behaviour completely ruined the country 's image . They are not regret at all and learn from the mistake . Gradually , the situation getting serious . They would have this kind of mind that after they said something rude , they just need to make an apologize then thats all.

No responsible and action would be take .
It makes all the people upset and lost confident on the goverment.

Pesta 2008 is coming very very soon

anyway , I have no chance to go .
1) No accompany
2) not affordable ( camp fee + KK mountain Climbing) = rm 700
3) probably wouldn't have holidays

I just realize that I didn't went for any mountain climbing after came back from KK mountain , it was on 2005 . WOW .....2 years !!!!!!!
I really miss the beautiful view in KK mount! then quickly I go and find my photo album and review .

I miss climbing mountain !!!!!!!!

I was quite " huge" ( body shape ) , when I was the member in BB .
My officers always lied to me that ......"see...almost reach the peak .... ....few more mins only , come on ...continue !"
And every time I went for mountain trip , I will definitely twist my leg !
That mean I always need an officer to take care for me on that time .

luckily it didn't happen on the KK mountain trip ! hahahahah
and I didn't need someone to take care for me anymore.
I was almost alone all the way up to peak ........

Hope to have another mountain climbing trip soon . Willing to have outing too !
At least before I can't afford it .....hahahahahaha

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I would gonna miss you !

We have stay together about 3 years as housemates
And they're going to leave me very soon .
I am gonna miss them in the future time .
Chew hwe & Shu xin
I'm glad to have them as my company for this 3 years time.

We spent a lot of happy moment together .
And for loads of trips .

We enjoy big meal together
we shared a dozen of donuts
we always go to korea cuisine at Ampang ( both of us fancy korea cuisine)
We enjoyed loads of trips that we had been to , ice cream trips, shopping , movies
Singapore trips , Eye on Malaysia , orchestra show at KLCC.
We tried making the cheese cake and tiramisu .
We cook our by our own and shared.

I still remember the time they were just move in
They couldn't cook properly
don't even a normal meal for themselves

We prefer to stay at our little space than going outside for yam cha . We rather prefer to stay at our apartment for reading , sleeping , chatting and relaxing .Anyway , there is always once or twice . The most memorable one was when the earthquake happened in KL , we couldn't go back to apartment yet , then we went to yam cha with our neighbour .

We enjoy Games and chatting at the living room , we laugh loudly and can't control our self.
We been spending age for the chatting nonsense ,dream , future , gossip and stories .

I never ever can laugh as loud and happy before I met them . Honestly , I pretty love it .

I was always being selfish but thanks for their tolerant . I am always murmur incessantly but thanks for not turning face from me .I am always being overbearing but their didn't haggled over with me.

P/S: I miss you too , Eric ! You are the nice housemate that I ever had . You didn't mind on helping us on the housework especially you knew that 3 of us couldn't bare to do it . We always had great time to sat down and chatting , we shared our hard and worries in life . You always encouraged us when we were in the exam . You played the role in our house , as a guide as you were the only guy in the house .

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving month

This Sunday is Thanksgiving week for my church .
There were open up for all the brothers and sisters to came out their thanksgiving on the morning worship.
There is one lesson for me today .

Although I did know that Thanksgiving is very important , I seldom do it .
I didn't mean that I never said thank you , but am I really speak out with my full heart ?

When the relationship with God isn't strong , when we have met the passion , when we get tired in service , when we have numb and lose . Do we still worship HIM as well?

Thanks God for all my life , Thanks God for Chosen me as HIS daughter( this is what I have always remind myself , God had first chosen you , not myself chosen HIM .)

Glad that I could met God since I was very young , it was 8 years old.
And accepted Jesus Christ at 9 . But I am the only Christian in my family .

I still remember it was a pure heart and humility stand under God.
I sang and dance to worship him .
HE become the honest friend for me when I cry in front of HIM.
HE hold my hand along my sadness path
He place HIS hand on my head and comfort me.

HE have guided me along my life . HE knew me before I formed , when I was in my mummy 's womb . That is how amazing .

But I forget HIM when I have grown stronger in the physical and mental . I am arrogant , I depend myself more than HIM . I abuse God's Grace . I offend God .

"All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

1Peter 5:5

Thanksgiving month bring big effect to me , forgive and thanks .

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tiramisu part 2

Learn from the mistake , and trial & error.
Although using the "dip method " is correct , you have to be in fast action .
So , try using the "push method" for this time.

Ah jecg told me that I shouldn't had pour the liquid straightly ( cream ) onto the finger biscuit ( which I did it in the first time ).
It should be place spoon by spoon to cover the biscuits .
hehehee......she is working at the Italian restaurant now . Better believe her!
The result is quite good , the biscuits aren't floating anymore. Hehehe

Step toward the succeed

After freeze in the refrigerator for few hours

and put on some cocoa powder

tang ...tang ...tang .....tang

I succeed lah ! Ah jecg
I promise I would show you when it's done !

actually Monday is my brother 's birthday
so .......as a little present lah
Since I wouldn't in Kajang on Monday

this is the real view before add on cocoa powder

My dad can't wait till Sunday
He wanna try it

can't believe , my parent keen on it
they both ate 2 slice

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Act of mom ??????

AAArrrrrrrzzzzzzzzz...................Baby Don't cry oh
I really don't know how to carry you .

Honestly to say
I really don't know how to carry baby
normally baby would start crying without 1 min in my hug.
They feel not comfortable with the position that I have carry them .

To be a mom ?
Always hard .......Look at the strong shoulder of every mummy
you would understand


Spend money and time without planning .

Went to Pavilion especially for food
nothing could buy
mostly are high expense shops

The book was bought at Sungai Wang

And I did a crazy thing
I had queued for half hour for the J.Co Donuts
anyway , not to say worth to or not .
It is delicious !!!!

Most of the people bought at least half dozan
I could also saw some bought 4 dozen , Crazy eh !

And When it cames to my turn ......hahaha
weird to said , I just want 2 pieces.

How to descride the taste ?
Just like the marshmallow
can you imagine ? melt in your mouth not in your hand

Crying for the brave boyand his friends ....harry Potter in the whole holiday at KL

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How to fight RISING Prices !!!!!

I am getting poorest !

Everything rising prices !

Yesterday , I bought the wholemeal bread , the prices rose from Rm 2.50 to Rm 2.70 .
And today radio has annouced that there are more and more restaurants are going to raise the prices of food due to the flour's prise had rose .

But I think it is too over if one plate of noddle suddenly add on around 50cen to Rm1 .
as 1KG of flour had only rose 0.90 cen.

Sadly is , Salary has never increase !

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wind Quintet

What is Wind Quintet?

Again , I am so free to visit the blogs around .
I've discovered the new word , "wind Quintet" .
So let see the explanation from wikipedia.

A wind quintet, also sometimes known as a woodwind quintet, is a group of five wind players (most commonly flute, oboe, clarinet, (French) horn and bassoon). The term also applies to a composition for such a group.

Sometime I do feel lonely to play flute alone ......so when I 've discover that it could be play in a group, I am so exciting . Piano and Flute are also another good match . But When you're playing only flute , It just seems like lack of somethings .
As I am a beginner , I have to pay more attention in "learning" but not only "playing " music . My music teacher said.