Sway With Lois: February 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The very first post in my New Zealand

Date  19 Feb2013

The last two months gone like just a dream.

Honestly I am not that exciting as it was expecting along these trip to New zealand .
Firstly ,the reluctant feel was too strong that over cover my heart rather for this trip.
Second , I didnt expect much beside just away for a 9 months, but time seems like running too fast.

There is no update post is due to the internet access coverage is low and expensive!
Beside working, I just live too discipline ! wake up early , sleep while sunset .Cooking for my own after the tiring long working hours.It was tooooooooo discipline !

There are too many too tell if you refer to the trip , but there is always empty in my mind.
Too isolate from the world and too simple life costs me lay back!

Thank God for His mercy and guidance- everything is doing well and good.