Sway With Lois: April 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Are My All In All

There is no one can instead your place in my heart .
Lord, forgive me as I'm just a dust on the world .
Sorry for doubting You when I didn't see your hand on the work ,
Sorry for thought You are too far to care on me .
Sorry for all the silly things that I have done which didn't honor Your name.

Sorry for only pay my concentration on the world
rather than look upon to You .
Lord, I want to seek you more .
Lord , teach me how to pray for your kingdom
rather than demand for more blessings .

No one I can depend on beside You
All the world will change but You never.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Have been abandon my blog for more than 10 days . And now the exam is finished , should be the time to do something update my blog.

I have though of giving my blog a new skin .Unfortunately , while I able to manage a little skills on the HTML code . The XML is coming ! Gosh , I had been spending a whole noon time till evening , yet I couldn't manage to make any better result .

I Give up !
XML is much more harder than HTML , it doesn't has any good online tutorial for XML . Hard to understand the code if compare to the old one . Still , my blog template look messy after spending a whole day sitting infront the computer !!!!

Is anybody willing to give me a help on it?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In my time of crisis

If I said I don't care what people talking about me
Then , I'm lying.

I have been trying to be a good girl in all people 's eyes for so long
But they might though I'm a gangster or witch now

If Church was a home

Then I'm now a homeless child .

No one wish to be homeless , honestly ~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Please Keep me in your Prayers

Dearest Friends ,

10 days more !
Please keep me in you prayers .
My exam is start from 20/4

It's very important for me !
3 papers to decide if I can go UK or not !

Love ,

Lois Wang

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

While Mom is not at home .....Tiramisu

A wonderful night , turn on the awesome classical music as loud as I like to and make a Tiramisu cake . Since Mom is not at home ......hehehehe

All in mess , all the ingredients here and there.

four beautiful eggs yolk

Marvelous 80g of sugar ~
Not too sweet and not too tasteless , just nice :P

Lady Finger biscuit with a thick level of coffee

Stay a night in fridge for shaped

The cream squeezed out from the gate.

Apply coco powder as topping

Nice to see from the top view
but the side view ...hmmmmmm

Will work more hard next time ^-^

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sometimes while I thought to hold somethings tight
I never ask if God want me to hold it .

While I read the Bible about the Israelite complaint in the dessert
and God punished them to lived in the dessert for 40 years journey
I 'd wonder why they were so stubborn and little faith on God .

On the other hand , while I looking on myself , I might just like any of them that keep on complaint and not following God's willingness. 40 Years is not a long time , it's really not !

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I 'm gonna miss you ...muak~

I will gonna miss you and keep you in prayer each day ( if I remember ...hehehe)
I will pray God for guiding every step of you in NZ.
I will pray God for your safety ,pray God for sending angles to protect and surrounding you .
I will pray God for your everything you need when you were alone there .
May God keep you and bless you according to His will in NZ.
May His Goodness and Mercy follow you all the day of your life.
May God prosper you in your physical , financially ,and relationally with God and friends in NZ.