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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

While Mom is not at home .....Tiramisu

A wonderful night , turn on the awesome classical music as loud as I like to and make a Tiramisu cake . Since Mom is not at home ......hehehehe

All in mess , all the ingredients here and there.

four beautiful eggs yolk

Marvelous 80g of sugar ~
Not too sweet and not too tasteless , just nice :P

Lady Finger biscuit with a thick level of coffee

Stay a night in fridge for shaped

The cream squeezed out from the gate.

Apply coco powder as topping

Nice to see from the top view
but the side view ...hmmmmmm

Will work more hard next time ^-^


Blogger allyz said...

the cake looks like it has ears! hehe.. looks yummy though..share recepy can? ;)

3:40 pm  
Blogger Lois said...

Hahaha....hard to cut the biscuit to match the thickness.

500g of Cream cheese or (mascarpone cheese)

4 eggs yolk
4 eggs white
( if you prefer heavy whipping cream is also ok , a cup or small box of )

80-100g of sugar
A bag of lady's finger biscuit

1/4 cup of Espresso / normal coffee

Rum , Tia Maria or any other suitable liqueur

9g or more of Gelatin

Coco powder (for decoration on the surface , original one , not instant drink coco powder)

1) Add some cool water to mix the gelatin , heat it in microwave about 30 second .Leave it cool .

2) Whisk the eggs yolk with electric mixer until it reaches stiff peaks. Add in sugar ,rum and cream cheese and mixture it again . After all ingredient well mixture , pour in the gelatin and mix with hand .

3) Use another bowl ,whisk the eggs white until it reaches stiff peaks. (Make sure the electric mixer is clean and dry )

4)spoon by spoon add the white in the cream and beat . (3->2) , Mix gentle .

5)Soak lady fingers in espresso for 2-3 seconds, rotating to coat all sides. Place lady fingers side by side on bottom of a pan .

6)Put half the cheese mixture on lady fingers in pan. Smooth with a spatula or spoon.

7)Repeat the step with a second layer .

8) Put it into fridge for a day , to shaped it .

9) Apply the coco powder on the surface .....done :P

There are many different recipe you can get from google search , and their steps or ingredient also slightly different .



you can refer to some before you start making it .Sorry for not able to explain clearly , since I was reading for Chinese version recipe. Let me know if you need help :)

9:31 pm  
Blogger Lois said...


It was the second experiment and the succeeds one ...hehe

9:42 pm  

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