Sway With Lois: April 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Corrs

Heart Like a Wheel
Some say the heart is just like a wheel
When you bend it you can't mend it
And my love for you is like a sinking ship
My heart is on that ship out in mid-ocean
They say that death is a tragedy
It comes once and then it's over
But my one only wish is for that deep dark abyss
For what's the use of living with no true lover
And it's only love and it's only love
That can break a human beingand turn him inside out
That can break a human beingand turn him inside out
When harm is done no love can be won
I know it happens frequently
What I can't understand please
God hold my hand
Is why it should have happened to me
And it's only love and it's only love
That can break a human beingand turn him inside out
That can break a human beingand turn him inside out
Some say the heart is just like a wheel
When you bend it you can't mend it
And my love for you is like a sinking ship
My heart is on that ship out on mid-ocean
And it's only love and it's only love
And it's only love it is only love
And it's only love it is only love
And it's only love it is only love
The corrs
This is my very first favour alblum"Home" for this Group of musician , I do believe most of you ever listened to the "What Can Do to make you love me ".Yup That was the first song that had attracted me few years ago.( If no mistake ,it was when i were teenage ). The other songs that i fancy most in this alblum are "spancil Hill " , "Black is the colour". This album is full of the Irish taste , very country savor , just image you are walk on the grass or mountain ......shouting . And also , go back to your love one , the place where you grown ...............all of the things around just fair like flowers.
The secret garden that never ever view again !

How did We gEt so dRunk?

What Happens to alcohol in your body?

The alcohol in your drink is absorbed into your body through the stomach and small intestine. Food slows down the rate of absorption - that's why alcohol affects you more quickly on an empty stomach. From here, it's distributed via the bloodstream throughout the body, reaching your heart, brain, muscles and other tissues. This happens very quickly - within a few minutes. Usually, though not always, this has a pleasant effect. Your body can't store alcohol, so it has to get rid of it - mostly via your liver. First, the liver changes alcohol into acetaldehyde - a highly toxic substance. This turns into acetate, a harmless substance, which is passed out in the urine. Some alcohol is also excreted through the breath and sweat. Your body's ability to process alcohol depends on various things, like your age, weight and sex. Your body breaks down alcohol at a rate of about one unit per hour - and no, there's no way you can speed this up!

what make you hic - drunk?

Alcohol is quite simply a type of drug. It affects the nerves that pass messages around the body by slowing them down. And the more you drink the greater the effect. The reason people often get more lively when they've had a drink is that alcohol affects parts of the brain responsible for self-control. Your reactions also slow down, and you may become uncoordinated or unsteady on your feet. Your speech may get slurred and you may start seeing double. If you've had a lot to drink you may also experience strong emotional responses - for instance you may become aggressive or tearful. And because your judgement is impaired, you may do things that you might not normally do - from dancing on tables to going home with strangers. They may seem a good idea at the time, but can be extremely dangerous.

Be the Host with the Most

When you're having a party, you want your guests to have a great time, naturally.
If you want to be a responsible host too, remember that: The Government advises that most men can drink up to three to four units and most women up to two to three units per day without harm to their health. Pregnant women should drink no more than one or two units, if at all. And drivers should stay off the booze altogether. Here are some simple ways to help guests enjoy the party - without putting themselves or others at risk of harm or feeling like death warmed up the day after.

The Key Points
  • Offer juice and other alcohol free alternatives
  • Serve food - it really helps mop up the booze
  • Making home made cocktails or punch? Don't make it too strong and make sure you offer alcohol-free alternatives too
  • If people have had a bit too much, encourage them (very nicely) to have a soft drink
  • Keep a special eye out for young people and make sure they're OK
  • Make sure everyone can get home safely, with a sober driver, reliable public transport, or a licensed cab
  • Last but not least - don't get plastered yourself!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chapatti or Chips

Chapatti or chips?

The book that i've read recently ,what is the first impression when you see the book's title or the sharp colour ? very indian right ? This is the first English book that can keep me continue reading beside Bible . As I am not a English Education , it is pretty hard for me to read an English noval. And with 452 pages . If this book was in Chinese , it is undoubtedly I could finish reading it within few hours. Reading isn't only help me killing the time , it is a part of my life ,especially i have traveled a lots with public vehicles. It is a good training for me , so that I can read in any circumstance.

It actually not a very educated book , Why i said that ? There are hundreds and thousands rude/ bad words in the content .Hahhahaha. I believe there was the true story , it was about an indian girl who has grown in the Western country .

Naina , the heroine , she has saved herself for the man her parents have chosen for her to marry , the man been chosen is marvelous and gorgeous . Althought she 's met him only twice ( The first time dinner and the engagement dinner , what a poor girl!) On the other hand , the hero , Dave , a good -looking ,charming and an incorrigible womanize . Both of them are best mate...........eeerrrr....not march eh.

Don't straightly set your mind with the simple preview. Naina , who has grown in western , she herself is an open mind , intelligent girl and attractive althought she still need to follow the traditional. She is a real modern girl just like any girls in the country but force to live in the traditional way .she has a weird relationship with Dave , her best mate.

A relationship that over the friendship but under couple's love. I really admire their freindship , seldom of the opposite sex could really share their real , especially male i think .

Jump back to the title of the book , chapatti (her parent chosen husband )?or chips ( Dave , his best mate ) hahahahha, it really fun ,right ? I could never have those good imaginational brain to get the brilliant title for the book .

Chinese people like to say that ,the result always came out by the causes . Dave had a very miserable childhood . As my comprehend , western who is above 16 normally would move away from their home and build their. He did .His lives is fulfil with nothing beside women and friends.Although ,Day by Day and woman by woman in his life , Naina still the only best mate for him, the mate he can share all himself .

Beside those gossip , it really a book that showing how the people in the live nowadays ,Just mind our own business. We have to learn how to choose our life , how to cope the problems and stresses by ourselves . friendship forever !!!!!!!!

The last things i would like to mention is the beginning of the story ,the interesting things was "Apple pie" brought them together as mate. ( apple pie isn't my fancy , it is too sweet to me! The point i would like to bring out is people always try to find the mate/partner in the same interest)

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I had have a melancholy weekend .
Saturday i went to agape fellowship , I seem just been desolate .
we all went for supper in mamak store after fellowship had dismissed, all the group having their own topic to chatting for .
I just can put my eyes on the billboard far opposite to me , looking for the house sold , telephone number ........03-8739........ what the hell ! I were beingless in the group

I felt depress and blue .Also , I couldn't show my sad face to family . Why ? If you are a Christian and you always showed the sad face to family after the fellowship . What your parent will thinking in their mind?
The world seem like too silent for me , I couldn't share with anybody or the other hand is I got no one to share with . In the meanwhile , Min Keong MSN signal appeared , It just like an aid . Finally my tears drop down when I just started chat the with min keong . We actually didn't talk much , but at least someone on the other side of world could saying hello and send me a greeting .

My tears couldn't stop in the beginning of Sunday workship , the hymn just aim my sadness and gave me sustain. Lord is the only one for me................

Notwithstanding seem like so close with me ,the fact is really far away from me.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

SeX EduCatIoN

Could you chat condom with your parent or talk STIs with teacher ?
It's can be pretty cringey asking for sex advice especially face -to-face.

Few days ago, Dr Wong yian yian , one of the female politican and also sexologist been invited to FM 98.8 to have a talk and discuss about the sex education . She throwed some questions to the public , when should we start teaching our children about sex? Her answer was since 2-3 years old , surprise ! Sex education is lifelong learning , since we were kid until we have became senior citizens /menopause . Normally what we had thought about "sex" is just "sex" ,hahahahahaha!

I strongly agree with Dr . Wong yian yian , Asian really feel shy and traditionalism , we are lack of knowledge about sex education . Sex education is not only "sex act", "sexual intercourse". It is also about love , body , health , family , social , culture, moral and .....................
In the same day , my housemate and i went for dinner and i brought outthe topic what i had heard in the morning , i got a surprise answer after our chat. They are not going to teach their children about sex education in the future , they think that the children could able to know about it by theirselves and also from " BOOKS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why they have this mind? WHY ? Yes ! All of us know , because our parent didn't do it for us so!

Nowadays , More and more sex harassment occured around , the victim might be your friends ,relatives and classmate. In the same way , the violator might also those group of people . How Awful !!!!!!!!!!! Pornography is easier to gain by youth compare to before , I believe although Asian , I also believe more than 80 % of youth have ever touch about this porny , this is undoubtedly , comic books , novals or magazines can be obtain anywhere . So what should we do in the future if we discover that our children reading or watching it ? Scold him or her directly ? punish him or her? The answer is multiple-choice ! The important point is to help your kids to have a right thought and mind in sex , not to forbidden or avoid in talking about sex .
That is why you have to start teaching them since they were kid . If you not agree with me , do you think you are going / are able /are brave to discuss about sex when they are in the youth? probably not ! One more important information to announce or warn is who ever having sex with girl under 16 is going to be charge and jail for 5 years.

Apologize that i couldn't able to tell you how to teach your kids, because i got no experience ,hahahahah! the useful way is reading some books and information , it would be very helpful. ( i am going to read it too , to plan myself as a teacher or a mom )

For youth , it will be great and brilliant if the school or some associations could give them some speak . For Example , one of the association is " Focus on the family".

There is a package of talk call "No Apologies" ,There are 7 chapters ,

1 ) Video and testify 2) Heath and Relaionship 3) medium effect 4) Effect og having sex before Marriage5)AIDS 6) Advantages and freedom of defend our chastly 7 ) Meaning /define of marriage .

Children are always the good learner , however they dislike reprimand and admonish . Daily learning is important , so what i mean daily learning? News in the newspaper , television , expriences , things have happend around them , their friends , books . All of them are marvelous teaching materials . So as a parent , use you brain and think , get the ideas from those helpful materials . Pls don't only sitting down and start talking like a serious lecturer.

A condom is a device, usually made of latex or more recently polyurethane, that is used during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of pregnancy and/or some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. Condoms are also often used to cover medical ultrasound imaging transducers, keep a sex toy clean, and in cases of toys shared between partners, helping provide STD protection. Condoms do not protect against all forms of STDs. Other uses include holding water, keeping gun muzzles dry, and being a membrane to keep drugs intact whilst being trafficked. They are also known as prophylactics, as well as a number of colloquial or slang terms, such as rubbers.

What Is STIs?

A sexually transmitted infection (STI) is an infectious disease which is passed from one person to another through intimate sexual contact. There are at least 25 different sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and genital herpes. STIs are some of the commonest infections around the world and affect people of all ages, races and sexuality. As well as being easy to catch we also know that you're more at risk from HIV if you sleep with someone who's already carrying an STI.
Whether you are straight, gay, bi or transsexual, you need to protect yourself against these infections by using the right type of contraception. And you need to do this until both you and your partner are sure there's no chance of either of you catching or passing on an STI.
Here's a list of some of the more well known STIs:
ChlamydiaSymptoms: In women, this infection often produces no symptoms, but can block the fallopian tubes, causing fertility problems later. You may notice slight discharge or pain on peeing. In men, it often affects the urethra and causes marked symptoms such as discharge or pain on peeing, described as 'non-specific-urethritis' ('NSU').Treatment: Testing involves a special swab, or urine or blood tests. Treatment is with a specific type of antibiotics, but it can require several courses of tablets. Your sexual partners should be contacted and checked as well.