Sway With Lois: November 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Happy happy birTHDAY~

Happy birthady to me ~
Thanks to all my friends to sent me the greeting , didn't go out for celebrate .....just having dinner at home ..MOM cooked me the favor BIG BIG shrimp .
At least people who I hope them to remember me , do remember me !~

Amazing ~ DAD sent me a birthday greeting messeger by mobile ~ unbelieveable ~

what 's 22 years old mean ? mean LORD jesus 's grace ! Glory to HIS name , thanks God blessings me for so long , mean jesus lord beyond measure .

Once again , what's 22 mean ? mean freedom , mean grown up also mean much resposibility too !

p/s : I went to secret recipe for searching my birthday present , unfortunately, the apple crumble cheese is not my taste !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we always say " don't judge the book with the cover" , but "Perfact appearance not mean it is tasty " : -(

Saturday, November 11, 2006

ParsiMOny or eCONOmization ?

Girl like shopping , I am the one who crazy with it .......haha

As I am staying alone at KL , money managment is important . On one hand , I am a cheapskate , I would not even miss out one cent in my pocket . I always compare the prices of the products , as chinese people say :" 货比三家 ” "comparing the price with 3 companies" :- ) . Am I sound a bit "auntie" or "housewife" ? hahahah....I am enjoying with it . Enjoy to buy the things in cheaper prices but same product . According to the paying system and counter service in Malaysia are not so reliable ( my own experiences) , I would always double check my bills before leaving the counter .

People might not place their eyes on one or two cents , for me , it is necessary ! especially when I am going to market and going to pay the bills in Bank , but it is much more nettlesome after it all change to automatization now ( they are not accept the small change ). Other hand , I might be call economization ~ am i ?
Who affect me most ? Admittedly the wire-puller is my mom ! hahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
Although I am not as "powerful" as my mom, I also learn 30 % from her .