Sway With Lois: October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ooooooouugg....... Come to the last day of October

November is coming ........
I 'm always waiting for this month :-)
it is a birthday month .....
loads of my friends , even my brother and I also in the same month .
I just went to post officer to sent out a birthday card and present for my best friend.
hehehe....a bit late , her birthday is tomorrow .

Finally decided to bought myself the very very first perfume in my life
....as my birthday present .
Although the bottle isn't nice
I fancy the aroma very much !

eerrr.......quite expensive !
I have struggled for more than half year !

Monday, October 29, 2007


Arrived around 1230 pm

Start the Climbling Taster Course around 130pm

The Shop was too crowned ........just can fit 10 people only
Most of the customers prefer take away .
Quite delicious......."shilin Taiwan food store"

Same Glass of drink .......can't fit so much !

Touch Point for Girl

I just bought this Book recently .
Rather to say it is a Devotional Bible study .

It cover loads of Biblical text and encouragement text which is special for woman .

For this woman ....hahaha

Didn't get any nice book to read recently ....sign .....
And I have realized that I have lost loads of books !

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Don't know why
we went so far away to PJ SS2 for dinner
Quite delicious - Roti Hawaii and Marvelous drink

Quickly rush back titiwangsa - 930 pm

5 cycles at the cable car
RM 15 / 5 = RM 3 per cycle
A bit disappointed , the view was that nice .

Friday, October 19, 2007

The love of mommy

After watching the video ...hehe...suddenly wish to have a children.
so cute ! ( I thought she was watching the dancing programm)

where to find it ?


a mom for a twin......her blog( Chinese) really touched me

as I am totally not confident to have a family in the future

or become a mom

She as an good example and encouragement ! hehehe

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ice- Cream Trip

Finally ......

went to Bangsa Village 2 shopping center for the Ice cream buffet
I myself ate ....7 scoops !!!!!! wah ....uncountable calories !

Failed .............my first Tiramisu mission !

Anythings are ready !

Beat 3 yellow eggs yolk with sugar

add in 25og cream cheese ( mascarpone cheese is too expensive )
and alcohol then keep on beating
I am not dare to use mascarpone cheese for my first experiment .

Beat eggs white

until it forms stiff peak

See ! wouldn't pour out oh

Mixed eggs white into eggs yolk
before mixing , add in some gelatine


Dip the finger biscuits with Coffe + any type of alcohol

Arrange the biscuits in single layer
Pour the mixing cream into the plastic/ glass pan

I like Chocolate ...so I sprinkle a layer of coco powder after a layer

aarrr.......failed !......the first and second layers all float


My first mission failed !
just refrigerate it until the next morning
hehehe.......the cream not enough thick !

I'll try my best next time !
till success !

Thursday, October 11, 2007


When serving turn into your occupation
I believe it is definately different ( it might can be same )
I believe you'll kinda mixed up all your mind

In this state
I am not prepare heart in earning money while in serve the Lord
although it might be a good idea
I got no idea in my mind, nothing beside messy!

Every workers would like to choose the job that they like
some of them in suffering
but they 're no choose .

When chances come to you
and you can't make the right decision in the right time
you're gonna lose it.

I am not mature enough
especially my spiritual
I didn't feed it for long
the spirit baby must be in hungry

That is why the dilemma happen
without the guard
I lose the confident
I lose myself and direction

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am not a TEACHER !

Honestly to say ............................I hate waiting people
Since I am always a punctual person .

Anyway , IF it is some special cases.
I can still accept !
But I have waited for an hour :-P
and my stomach was start playing drum
eeeee....I didn't had have my breakfast on the morning .

Finally meet GL at 1 pm something
Wow......He brought along a handsome colleague with him
who has a very shining smile !

Enjoy the lunch very well
Why ?
Not because of 2 good looking friends
but the atmosphere
IF you're close with me enough
you'll know that I am “Phobia about opposite sex" person (恐男症 )
especially meeting new friends

When GL asked whether I have classes for the day
then his colleague popped out with :" oh.... you're a teacher ."
Me and GL just laughing for long on it.

I am not a teacher !
I 'm still a student !
He is not the first who say about it .
Am I really look like a teacher ????????

Giok Leigh always a friend to talk with
a good adviser and just like an elder brother for me
hehehehe....took the picture secretly

after the lunch , Giok Leigh just drop me at Mid Valley

I have planned for making the Tiramisu
Local Brandy , Lady Finger and Cream cheese
So , with this chances I've try to get the ingredient in one time .
......I still left out the Coco powder .


I got the mussel also
Then it was my dinner for the night .

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ice- Creamolic !

Bangsa village 2
Who wanna go ?
Ice-cream buffet
until 31 Oct !

I am ice-creamolic!

(Pls tell me how to be there)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Friends.............where to find you ?

I still remember I have something to share before I went to the Penang trip.

Don't know why it been ignored for long till now .

The day before I went to Penang , I called one of my secondary best friend which we had have an appointment to visit another friend who was going to get marry soon. ( unluckily , I broke the promise due to some expected business.)

I felt ashamed that I was not able to attend her wedding and dinner .
Another main point that made me felt touch was my best friend GOT BOYFRIEND. (eerrr.....I think I shouldn't high line the words "BF" but " She has")
My first feeling was happy to heard that she finally found someone that she likes.
and the next was "How will our Chinese New Year Gathering for 2008 ?" ......hahaha
We just meet once or twice per year especially the CNY gathering is the great changes to meet ( although we lived not that far in Kajang ) . The coming feeling was , I am going to lose a friend .

Why am I mention that I'll lose a friend . As Chinese proverb say : "重色轻友” 。The soul mate will become more important than friendship , especially she's just fresh in love . I believe our date for CNY gathering for 2008 would rather indefinite .

Anything can happen within a year . If you still remember the previous blog ( CNY) that I had write . Which we were still had fun in the BG relationship .


I don't have the feel of jealous ,envy or great admire.


Because there were too many cases that reduce my confidence/ Hope in love .
Doubtless ,definitely I always feel lonely . However , when I hangup the phone , the very first deeply feel inside me was ......I need friend .

Again ,I would like to use the Chinese proverb "天下没有不散的宴席”(All good things must come to end. ), I rather keen in the Chinese sentence . It is well define the meaning .
We always use this for describing good things and also friendship . A great words to self -comfort . The sweetest moment always happened in our young time , when it gone ......it mean gone .

No turning back !

I enjoy the time having meal with friends , it could take few hours sitting there to chat non-stop.
But If I have meal alone at my room , I hope to have someone to chat with me through the MSM .

I enjoy the trip along with friend , killing the time , having joke and fun.
But If I am alone and lose , I hope you can pick up my phone to show me the direction .

I enjoy having my own space , doing nothing and just silent .
But If I stay too long alone , I hope to get invitation to go out .