Sway With Lois: NEw year gathering ~

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NEw year gathering ~

Make hay while the sun shines....to meet my friends.
Because not all of my friends are so free like me .
Most of them ( friends in Kajang ) are working , it is so hard to let them squeeze out the free time to gather.
But the one I must meet is my best friend , Lee Seck . After graduated from secondary school , she is the only one I really have keep in touch with and keep the friendship properly .

She didn't change much , still a lovely girl , like to has joke, smile always . It doesn't mean that she didn't has any troubles . So , it is the best time to share our whole year stories . I were more interested on her love life because of I got some hearsay about her mother tried to introduce her to a guy .OOOOOoooooooooooo.........hahahahahhahwahahwahah.......what is the age now ?
still doing this kind of business . I do worry on her working too .

We've start chatting at the train on the way to midvalley , It really makes me laughing loudly and lack of manner when she described the whole story to me .
"Their Parents and seniority" tried to make them a pair . I could say it sometimes work!
But unluckily things might be , NOWADAYS YOUTH DOESN'T LIKE TO LIVE UNDER PRESSURE ! hahahahhahaha
The guy is a master holder student , good looking , rich ........ he suppose could get a very good partner ( I didn't try to mean my friend isn't good , because she also has same idea on it ). The deadly defect of this guy ........ he is not determination enough . OR could I say he uses it on the wrong ways ......hahaha.....he made my friend scared , he shows his love just after 2 times they had met. One is formal date ( with whole family join in....hahahahwhhahaha) and another is informal meeting , both parent meeting in my friend 's house !

as a conclusion , I didn't need to tell you !
It makes us laughing for a whole day !
CAN'T BELIEVE , we are just step into our early twenty , she already under the pressure on getting the partner .

NOW , she do happy on her life with freedom !

I still can't stop laughing when I am writing this blog.

Anyway , we spent most of the time in sharing our stories , we also went for film , eating a nice lunch and took some pictures.

Whatever happen , she is my lovely best friends.
When we call back our mind , we met since primary school till now .
We've passed thought many sweet memories , even the sad one .
we plaint on the friendship that we can't keep with many of our friends.

This blog makes me laugh and cry at the process on writing .
take care Lee Seck !


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