Sway With Lois: long vacation ~!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

long vacation ~!

Chinese new Year ~ just on the corner .
Somebody come back and somebody go.
After my last paper on Wednesday morning , went to shop for the other half day til night !What a good energy . I were slept around 3 30 am on Wednesday and woke up at 7 00am .......until might night of Wednesday ( thusday ).hahahaha.........shop as a crazy , and pack all my luggage to prepare heart to come back to kajang for few months.

having Lunch with Senyii

And got the industrial training company 's call when I were in the shopping . Yeah ! don't need to work on the 1st day ....but the working hours is from 8 30 am til 6 30 pm, gosh ...tired! And I asked for attire , the manager just said ....normal loh.....so what mean normal ???? t-shirt with jeans ? or formal normal ? BOTHER !......i wish the factory provide uniform ...hahehehe.

my dinner on Wednesday! with my lovely house mates .

Although finished my exam , I still have to woke up early on Thursday morning to have breakfast with my best friend.

A hour of chatting, sharing and relaxing. Enjoy to have this kind of easy going morning with friend.Would miss you ! If you are going to get your master at UK for a year.

After the lovely & joyful breakfast , rushing to KLCC , It was a bit late for my expectation. Because I thought Kenny was going to finish his paper on 11 .30 ....and we might met at 12 ++ pm .........so rush & rush .....first went to British Council to renew my library card , :- ( ....another RM 80 ,and help Siew Jecg to got IELTS test information , also as normal to pick 4 books as my entertain.

Then , went to KLCC service counter to asked for the Sky Brigade visitation , luckily got2 tickets just as fast as winking the eyes . FREE OF CHARGE ! .........and rush & rush again ...went to paid all those bil ( electrical , telephone and internet ).....i am going to bankrupt !

eeeeeeeemmmmmmmm.................Why kenny have't give me a call . It was around 1240 pm. So , I stepped into the KLCC larger musical Shop , looking around for my favorites album , hahaha......been look for those album for loads times ...but still don;t have money to buy it .
Got a message from Kenny this time and asking about meeting time .
my six sense told me , he would not be coming so early ! ...so , Where could I went for ?

tan tan tan tang ...............

the KLCC park .....a really hot weather , just couldn't open my eyes under the shining sun . sat for 10 mins and for few pictures .Finally decided to went back to the air conditional .
so , the next place to go was .......Kinokuniya , the place to satisfy the mind 's , the place to gain wisdom . Found out that the hot promotion books for new year at the Chinese books section , fully with the pig pictures on the books cover. what a cute!

after enjoying some times on reading some book.......pop ! I just realize that the phone line in the book store is not good , I got an experience on blaming by my brother because of couldn't contact me . So ............I FORCED TO leave the book store , and sat on 2nd floor to wait for Kenny .

Place my seat for around 15 mins there , finally ....finally his message coming !
we met and went for lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market , 2 pm .
Thanks KEnny for belanjar ! can't remember the name , something herd + fish .

The other hour of lunch, chat a loads , really full(mind and stomach) , can't feed in anymore .

3.05 Time to the Sky brigade visitation .

The views was not as beautiful as I had expected , found out that KL really not nice in view ......hahah
:- ( .........................my camera has not enough battery ! what a waste .
Hey , Kenny , Goodbye. The next turn to meet would be 2 years later !
Take care !

left KlCC at 4pm , terrible thing ! the traffic was really Jam .Kenny & I went for BB HQ for something to do. Finally , I could just got into the LRT at 6 pm back to setapak to shift all my luggage home to Kajang , it already 9 pm home.


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