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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Enjoy ~ Are YOU ?

I have read some books recently , I do believe not all people really enjoy to read ... 3 books that I have read recently and fancy ~

For my own , it always like a snack or dessert .
It bring me travel around the world , it lead my mind fly to the other space , it lead me think about the education , it let me know how blessedness I am .......

The book which name " The Grand overland Voyage" , is describe about the 2 years long journey , 2 Malaysian who did their trip with backpack . They started they trip from Vietnam ,
-> China -> Mongolia -> western ( UK , Italy .....) -> to be continue with the 2nd series book.

Surprise ! ...From their experience , they said western countries are the most boring countries.Actually I could say not really surprise and it is expectable . Why would I say that ......
as an Asian people , we fancy on the night life ( so do western ....but in different culture ...haha...they prefer bar , club , disco , Asian prefer shopping , mamak .....)

I've drop their world , follow their steps , step by step , experience their joy , emotion, hard .............

I always justice the book by it cover ! Really ! Although there is some adage which remind us not to do so ! I do believe that we can't keep the old style , Marketing ! Advertising , promoting and also the cover ! Nowadays , new generation tend to pay more attention on the Vision .
So , when I first saw the book below

I don't feel like wanna pick it up and read .........hehe...the conclusion is ...admittedly it really a good book and easygoing , it is wrote by a Taiwanese , a great scholar , a headmaster of some University in China .

According to the picture above , you can see a kid and a monkey . So have a guess. whether is the kid feed the monkey or the opposite way! What a RUTH !


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