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Saturday, August 18, 2007

this is lfe .......in every people's eyes

busy like a crazy ~
luckily don't need to work for today !
and got into sleep early , so when I woke up this morning , it is fresh ~ almost 11 hours slept. :-)

Nothing much that I can share with working and studying ~working is just as usual , you must see people doing in cunning ways , somethings you might not like still you will see it .

When I sat down with my housemate and having chit chatting in the girlie topics , it always make us laugh . One of my housemate is going to graduated soon , and she feels losing . Start to worry for her future , no chances to turning back , beside she wanna continue her master .
It is going to step for the other stage of our life . Leaving school , go into the cruel and reality world ( This is my explanation and my own opinion ). Understandable that most of us would feel indecisive and helpless . I do feel that , and I hate it .

3of us ( my housmate and I ) aren't those people who like to hit target , We are not energies . In fact , it would become the weakness point for us and it blocked us in our future no doubtfully .
Another big problem for me ,myself . I am not easy to squeeze myself into social life . I always want my own space , I prefer having time to rest and silent .

I always wonder can I stand it for my remaining life? But everyone living like this , isn't it ?


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