Sway With Lois: A tips..........

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A tips..........


  1. Take some pictures everyday
  2. Watching some sorrowfulness film
  3. day dreaming on early morning of the weekend
  4. beautify the finger nail weekly
  5. Take a walk near by water ( seaside , waterfall, garden ...)
  6. having big meal once a while
  7. Writing mail periodically
  8. Join some group activities
  9. Swimming
  10. Singing loudly at the same time of driving
  11. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a novel
  12. Send card to friends
  13. Wearing colourful dress on every Monday
  14. Doodle on paper in the same time of talking on phone
  15. Singing in the same time of Shower
  16. Enjoy a slice of expensive cake or a box of chocolate , keep the bill for all of it
  17. wearing the comfortable underwear
  18. having "night life" periodically
  19. Add some nuts when you having yogurt

For me , I did at least 10 of it in the lists. AND I enjoy doing it !

I feel under stressful with not enough time to finish all the work in my hand ! I almost in the exhausted situation everyday.

I have not more time to be in a daze , no time for film or TV even radio , no time to enjoy dinner for long , no time to practice flute , not time to read ( but I am not bookworm) , no time to relax my mind and concentrate in study . GOSH ~~~~~ my life is just like a robot !!!!!!

Every day working and go back home , dinner , online for a while , then......sleep !
When I open my eyes next day morning , repeating all the same .
Am I going to live like this until retired???????

So , the to cheer myself up ~
then I bought a bag of Durian .....haha

When I carry it back to my house , I was hurt my leg ! Just a little red dot only.

And the other way to cheer my self is ....searching for interesting matter that happen every on us

Don't you think his hair look like the hero in the Dragon ball ?????
I took this picture secretly at a bus when I was on the way to work .
He is one of Tar college student .

Finally , I could stole a little time to take the pictures for my little honey ~
Since I had bought "him" for 2 weeks time , and I was too busy then force to ignoring him.......


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