Sway With Lois: Art of coffee

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Art of coffee

My parent addict on drinking coffee~
They never missed it everyday

as some of my mom 's friends knew about it
so , one of the auntie sent us a pack of coffee bean .

Wow~The first time I touch the coffee bean
I always dream to put a grain of it in my mouth
I wanna taste it
I have imagined the taste must be gorgeous

I love the shape of every grains of the coffee bean
It makes me associate the bean with Chocolate

First , Grind the roasted coffee bean into powder
we don't have coffee mill , blender would be ok

then , pour in the pretty hot water into the coffeepot

next , filtrate it with the filter

follow with adding some milk

Final , let enjoy a cup of Mellow coffee

For my own choose , I prefer the aroma of coffee than tasting it . The bitter aroma could wake me up . For my own self , I drink tea for daily , coffee is just a selectivity .

Anyway , coffee is unique ! Only coffee can left the strong mouthfeel ~


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