Sway With Lois: happy Father day ~

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

happy Father day ~

So...Sunday , We went to my uncle 's house for steamboat and celebrated the father day .
We didn't celebrate the father day together before . And, It was so lovely joyful to have time to gather with relatives . All the kids grow and the black turn grey . The time has passed just like the rocket , my cousins shows the little corner which 4 of us ( not including my older and youngest cousins ) congest on the little child table for dinner when we were kids .
When the family members increase ( my brother's gf , and my cousin 's gf ) , we can't fit in one big round table anymore !
We planned to get one bigger ! Obviously !

Chocolate Banana cake ~

My dad & Uncle

My Uncle family & our

Gathering & chatting ~


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