Sway With Lois: Final series ....CT

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Final series ....CT

Final series ........at least before the final conclusion for my trip in China .

At Monday , the 9th day , almost the final part of my China trip

We took a bus back from "He Zhuo " to GuangZhuo . I do afraid of long journey , it costs 6 hours back to Guangzhuo . It would never be a easy journey !

With the past 9 days , I 've been trained to fallen in sleep at what ever buses or cars easily . It was true , until the first week that I came back to Malaysia , I still did the same .
China Bus is one of the bother/ horrible things , the drivers would horn non-stop along the journey ! 6 hours non-stop horning , eerrmm.....may be I could use the word " continuously". Luckily , I got used on it . Along the way back , I saw loads of depressed area . And I saw how hard the farmers are . The bus drivers stop at a station for 20 mins rest , although it was just 20mins ....it was really intolerance times to past through . Most of the drivers and the assistants stop there to had their lunch . What I really care with was the environment that they took lunch . Full of flies , you would never able to find a clean place to stand with sit with .
You would never able to stand for when you saw more than 10 flies stick on your back. It was a horrible scene .
Most of the passengers weary of the waiting . I can understand and be considerate of it .

Today , we didn't visited any places either in "He zhou"or Guangzhuo . Because we reached Guangzhuo almost 4++pm .And it was a raining day , the traffic was very very jam .
A totally peace and a day to rest . I didn't care what had I wear ( I wear the same shirt for 4 days ....hahaha)

The second last day in China , a little raining day .

We joined a one day trip back to Macau . Why did we need to joined the travel agency ? Actually we can went back to Macau by our own .
eerrrrr.......because it was only costs 58 yuan traveling fees plus 20 yuan to tour guide in Macau . ( half day trip , bus expenses and lunch ). Okey , It was consider cheap compared with we bought a bus ticket back to Macau which costs 60 yuan .

In the meanwhile , I need to completely shift my mood and mind from a different circumstance to another . Although Macau is part of China , the taste was totally different . The past 10 days seems like living in the maze , to experience the totally different life.

What is Macau 's girder ? Gambling ! Casino ~
Half of Revenue in Macau are from Gambling .

Ruins of St .Paul 's is the famous place to visit in Macau

Macau is quite a high consumption place , normal meal could costs you at the range of 18++ ~ 30 ++ Macau money , what I mention is just a normal Wantan noddle ! The tour guide always mention to us , there must be loads of casino near by every schools , colleges and universities .
Hahaha.....My parent and I went to a casino , not for gambling ....but for food ...10 yuan Wantan noodle + a glass of tea or coffee , the cheaper we could got .

My parent and I took a leisure walk after the dinner , we almost walked through half of the island distance . We passed through the places that we had visited in the day . we walked and walked , we could still saw loads of casino which surrounding us . On the other hand ,I did realize that it is an enlightened place , loads of bookstore and Christian bookstore , almost every corner you could found one. It is better comparing to Guangzhuo , I really couldn't got any bookstore there.

Jollification city at the day
die city at the night

this is what I can describe to this place .

Depraved and exuberant exits in the same nation .

This is final series ....but not the conclusion.


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