Sway With Lois: China trip series 2

Friday, May 25, 2007

China trip series 2

Can't believe that I had a good slept on my first trip night ~
I don't get used to sleep in the air-conditional room , hehehe....because I scared on cold .

As we know , HK and Guangzhou people like to "yam cha" , I not mean in the mamak store . I mean the breakfast , they called "tan cha" or "yam zhou cha " , 叹茶 / 喝早茶”。 The beginning of our 2nd day trip was "yam cha" , we having our breakfast at a "Dim Sam " restaurant with my uncle and auntie . (I have loads of uncle and auntie there , we had a dinner last year , it was 3 full tables of relatives).
"Tan cha" is a habit for Guangzhou people , they sit at the restaurant for few hours really just for drinking Chinese Tea , They can sitting there for the 1st hours with only drinking tea and only eat a bit after an hour. It is opposite with Malaysia people , our purpose is just going to eat Dim Sum until full , then only drink a bit . So , we spent about 2 and half hours there for our breakfast, 1030 am .

Then , we went back to hotel to wait for the airplane ticket deliver( Guangzhou -> Guilin) ,I found that it was a big difficulty in spelling the English alphabet in the phone with China people because of the slang . For example , when I pronoun the "N" , they couldn't understand , they've used the sound " NG" as "N" .
You must can guess why I've explained about those , because they wrote our name wrongly in the airplane ticket . In this case , We have to wait for them to re -deliver to us again at the evening .We spent an hour in waiting for all about it . In the meanwhile , we met another auntie at our hotel .In additional , met again another auntie when we visited my grand auntie 's house .

1+1+1 = 3 Aunties + one grand auntie

Another hour in my grand auntie house, it was 1230 .
They invited us for lunch .....................listen properly , LUNCH !
I just finished my Breakfast on 1030 am ......The very very full type !
just after 2 hours .............Lunch again????????????? SmileyCentral.com

Actually I had looked forward to shop .............until I have a long neck like the giraffe.
My against was failed , we spent another 2 hours on lunch and fully talking about stock investment , it is a hot topic in China now . And I found out ......all my relatives are ssssoooooooooooo rich .( I mean it )

Yeah ~ finally ~ finally!
I got the opportunity to shop after the lunch and I got this !

my very first own BACKPACK with 100 yuan ( Rm 40++) . If you would like to buy something in China , you must bargaining ( except you are in the shopping mall) ! The original price is 180 yuan . I still think that we bought it with a bit expensive !

My auntie brought us for dinner and shop at the evening . Luckily , we were having a small meal this time . Just after 3 meals with my relatives , I got annoying because they always order a lot and only eat few . And I got this :

with total 15yuan ( about Rm 7 ) .

And a pair of shoe with 39 Yuan ( about Rm 18)

That all of my 2nd days in Guangzhou ...........just food just shopping .


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