Sway With Lois: Food addict ?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Food addict ?

You might had heard drug addict , sex addict ..........but is there any term call food addict?

hahahaha.......I am not getting it , don't worry !


I think that cooking should be an enjoy time for me ( May be , if i don't need to cook for family for 365 days ) and I never think that only girls should know how to cook , because I know some male who can cook very well ( include my dad)......Dad used to owned a restaurant . And male who can cooks is attractive ! Girl would add points to you!


I could say i am not a patient person , I can cook but I can't wait .
That why I can't make any cakes or desserts , it costs times and it must be follows step by step .
I hope I can learn more in cooking , especially making some desserts . I thought I were good enough to survive with my own cook .......until A guy criticized my cook . I just realize that I still have more spaces to improve .

One day , I wish I got a bon goût !

Some blog about cooking that I could get:

http://www.xanga.com/koreancooking ( I love korea food)


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