Sway With Lois: bus trips also name as 游巴车河

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

bus trips also name as 游巴车河

Have took loads of transportation with purposely recently .

I just realize that the night view is most beautiful . The Malaysia eye seen small and not as beautiful as I had image when I pass throught the titiwangsa in the rapid KL bus. I believe not many people would doing same with me , I waste loads of time to save the little money.

I also hope that / searching for some foolish people who just as me would like to have bus trips for a whole day , take all the buses , go anywhere that we want . Stop at some places for visit and also for food . I guess there are no one !

When I 've consider of the salary that I have working in part time and compare with the spend in daily . I really need to tighten my belt . As we all know , live in KL is soooooooo.....expensive .

When we get used in dissipate money , you will not able to realize that we always buy things in expensive price .

For example ,

1)Take taxi , but actually you can reach the place by bus with cheaper price .
2) buy snack or daily use things in the more expensive shop , for example *even El***n........
3) Buy branded clothes , shoe and bag . I am not against on buying all branded product . I do believe some of those are good quality products . I do have few pair of branded sport shoe with affordable price . I just can't stand those youth who buy the branded for showing off .

Anyway , when you start working , you will know how hard the money come from ! hahaha


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