Sway With Lois: Burning day !

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Burning day !

7/7/07 ~ seven , perfect number !
but the world isn't that perfect

When I heard the smog is coming back again from news , I was really angry !
And wonder why we have to stand for this every years. Why can't the country doing something in advance to prevent it ??????
Although , this year isn't that serious . But , I believe it is still effecting our health .Especially for those who have the asthma .
I still remember year 2005 , my sight even couldn't reach 3 meters . Absolutely dangerous for us .

The weather is such a hot and burn !
It makes me sleepy for a whole day , once I touch my bed , automatically I can fall in sleep .
And also woke up with loads of sweat .hahahahaa

I almost spend the half day in my sleep , 2 times of naps until I got a call from my captain .
Suppose I have plan to do somethings follow my schedule , it seems all undone .
I am keep on delaying my works , especially what I had promised to do .


Getting a job really makes me happy , undoubtedly.
But when for work makes me so ................you know ! No people like working ! haha

I have to go through 5 and half days for training , so next Saturday would completed the training and let see how the assessment result is .
The first day of training , I met 2 chinese girls . You know ...I discover a interesting matter . Both have the tattoo on their chest . And both of the picture is butterfly .
hahaha.......when the break time , they started talking on the tattoo , it arose my interest.
For my opinion , it is an art and I really pleasure on it .

On the other hand , I know not many people can accept it . And my identity isn't allow me to do it .


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