Sway With Lois: Once in a blue moon

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Once in a blue moon

LoL ! Why I pick this as my title ?
I didn't really spend time on it , it just came out from my mind.
Do you know why?

Yup , I went for the "Harry potter and the order of the phoenix " , suppose going for film is just nothing special . But for my case , I really seldom went for film at night . THe most point for me is NO TRANSPORT !

Anyway , I did it tonight with one of my housemate , suppose 2 ! but one falled in sick so....left 2 of us . So The title do really suite ! I reached home at 1130...gosh! damn tired , tomorrow still need to work and I still have loads to busy with in my hand .

I miss you ~ especially tonight !


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