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Sunday, July 22, 2007

What am I busy with ?

too many !

but I still steal some time for online
and I found again the video clip for my company on 2006 E@A.

it was the very big change for the past 11 years since I have joined the BB .
And after 10 month( 2006 E@A) , I once again is busy with all this method , prepare heart to welcoming the next E@A on this August. ( It may be the last E@A that I have in 4th kajang company , MIGHT BE!)

I would like to say thank you for God's grace on me for the past 11 years , I have grown in the BB family . Just because of too many bothering things occur , and one of my good partner is going to resign .

I still wondering why I didn't cry for so long ? ( please take note on it , I don't think crying is a symbol of weakness or shame ) For me crying is one of the best way to release the unhappy things . Finally , my tears drop today , I can say it is a whole day mood , anytime , any place ....any sensitive "touch" could easily make my tears drop .

It was not under my control , when my members were practicing the presentation for E@A today . And suddenly ,my mind bring me back to the memories of the E@A on 2006 , then my tears drop . The funny part was my members thought I been touched by the song that they were singing .hahahahhahaha...........anyway , might be the sound was a good background for me .

The night before, I went for the EXCO , KL & selangor gathering fellowship . Although it was just a short dinner , worship , sermon and sharing time . I did enjoy the moment I had on it , The moment I could felt I am not alone . I enjoy the worship with ALL THE BB !



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