Sway With Lois: I don't know what I want !

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I don't know what I want !

I have chances to met some friends , closest friends ,primary school friends , secondary school friends , old friends and BB friends since Chinese new year .

Everyone of them , is or was witnessing my life , from a child to adult .
Without them , I am not who I am now .

Today , on my way back to setapak , I was thinking about who gives the most comfortable feel for me in this stage . I mean just in this stage , not the past 10 years or the future 1 year .
On the other hand ,I was thinking also who I can ignore most easily , even can't communicate well or understand each other well although we 've met for long long times .

Honestly , to build up a good relationship , time plays a role but not the most important one !
I have a lots of churchmates , and I don't know them well, I have BB officers who has partnership together for such a long times , and yet I don't know them .

Then , can I hope to know other with just a few meet up ?
A young generation like us are fancy on using the word " feel " , without "feel" the spark wouldn't occur . (I'm talking about friendship )

My big coconut( brain) is function well today , and it came out some images ( old memories ) and show me the comparison between two circumstances , which kinds of friends that make me feel comfortable most , I don't need to pretend in front of them , I can just be myself , the origin.

Not many ! I hope it could have more .
Friends ! Thank you , thank you for 'exist" in my life .


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