Sway With Lois: Bake cheese Cake

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bake cheese Cake

I'm not a patient person , and while I bake for any biscuits or cakes , I do always wanna rush rush rush and get the result in short time .

Yesterday night , I tried to bake cheese cake
with the emotional mood since the afternoon.
I don't know why , every time when I go back to kajang , my temper come again easily .

my parent kept on asking me what to eat for lunch , next morning breakfast ........

then , my temper come again .
and I keep quiet for the whole day then .

I didn't have patient to read the instructions step by steps .
That was why I made a huge mistake on the baking .

At the beginning , I didn't realized that there should be a layer of chiffon cake
as the base of cheese cake . I was too concentrated only on the cream cheese .Since different recipe required different ingredients , steps to mixed or way to bake.

I only noticed I missed out the base when I almost at the last step to whip the eggs white.

T_T , Have to left the cream part aside and come back to the chiffon base

Luckily , only used another little times on the chiffon cake .

While the base done , then pour in the cream cheese on the chiffon cake .
Cover the bottom part of mould with aluminum paper.

topping with some chocolate .

Place some water under the mould , to prevent the dry up.
Bake at around 120degree Celsius for 60-70mins.

Tang ~ tang tang tang ....

enjoy it ~
opppsss.......I forgot to put in some lemon juice !

Recipe for chiffon cake :

60g High ratio flour
3 eggs ( separate the yolk and white )
70g Fine Sugar
1/8 cup of milk ( 4 soup spoons)
2 soup spoons of oil
1/2 tablespoon of baking powder

cheese cake :

55g corn flour
40 g of sugar
2 eggs ( separate the yolk and white )
250g of cream cheese
30g of butter
30g of milk / cream

It would be more tasteful if you add in some lemon juice!


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