Sway With Lois: For frEEdom I PerSUE

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For frEEdom I PerSUE


Life is of great value,
But love values more;
For freedom I pursue,
I am to sacrifice all.

—Petőfi Sándor —

love and freedom ! sometimes we can't obtain both , especially when you were a mother ( I stand on the point being a female ) . Every youth enjoy freedom , but when we are growing , we can't flee from responsible .

I can understand the boredom of working when I 've started to experience it .
I know I have to face it in the very short time ( might be within 2 years time) , positive thinking people would advise that try to find the joy in working . I do agree , but the problem is , it never be easy to do it .

GOD~ my Lord . What should I do ?

In the meanwhile , I am learning how to be more realizable people and sense in love .
Girl always is the sensibles animal .
what were you response when you heard a guy said "
"Women without her man - is NOTHING"! ???? ( if you are a female )

and female said: " Woman, without her, man is nothing!"

I am surprisingly on my sense when I first saw the sentence of

"Woman without her man is nothing."
You may use comma's in this equation."

Do you know why I told that I were surprisingly on my sense . Since , the first response in my mind was .......................it is an argumentative topic and it would never have a true or false answer . It could be both different answers , and the answer in your heart is shown that your mind .

BACK to my own , I would say , I accept both of the answers in different circumstance . when your have no one beside your husband / wife . Or , it could be the other hand , when you got deep hurt by your opposite sex beloved .


Blogger Voon said...

i was just kidding around la. aiyo.

It was meant to be something casual.. why make it sound so formal.

7:31 pm  
Blogger Lois said...

Surprise ! you visit my blog !

i didn't tread it serious lah .

but it always become a warn to remind me not to be too depend on guy . ( as I think I am ).hahahahha , since both of us know this topic never would have an answer . : -P

8:00 pm  

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