Saturday, March 17, 2007


Saturday again ~............still have to woke up very early to college to settle my resit papers.
And had been make an appointment with lecturer considering on the final year project so do the industrial training .
Because I can't stand the limitation of practical in the company that I've training .It is not enough for me to understand more in the company and it would not help much in my final year project . So ..........not a bad conversation with lecturer, gain some advices from her .

College was really in peace ...( not much student) . Went to library for some books , but I just have a pair of hand ...........so couldn't carry more.

Then, went back to my apartment . NO ONE IN !
Didn't know where both of my house mates be . The lonely white mouse is STILL ALIVE !

she is alone for a month after her partner death . And I believe that my house mates would not really care her .................she is so lonely ! and strong ~

hungry ! .......miss my lovely toshai and tea in mamak store ( because I didn't have chances to have any meal in mamak when I am in kajang) . RM 2 to fulfill my stomach . Amazing things is ....I still could serve with toshai at afternoon .

A new things that I discover in KLCC , I saw two live models in the window. I would fancy to take some pictures ...hmmmm...but i don't think I could . What a waste .
back to the picture in the upper .......heheh.. My bigger gain for today ...you could see a big number showing 99 % and a figure cocoa . Yup , you are right . It is a box of chocolate with consist 99% density of cocoa , seldom we could get in Malaysia ( still can lah , you have to go and search loh) .

KL HOP-ON HOP -OFF.........

The last location for today was British Council . Just As usual , picking 4 books . Surprisingly , A staff still recognize me after I've left for a year .

SIEW JECK ...can't wait to see you .Our appointment is on next Saturday! DON'T BREAK IT OH ~


Anonymous Jecg said...

i seldom comment on other's blog. your blog made me rather impulsive to reply you that my name is spelled wrongly.
miss you


Seow Jecg

7:00 pm  
Blogger Lois said...

hahaha....sorry !

10:19 pm  

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