Sway With Lois: I'm glad to have you !

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm glad to have you !

I was worrying and the meanwhile on exciting to look forward this day coming .
What I was worry about is I don't have wise in communicate , I don't have patient and worry about the embarrassed atmosphere .

Fortunately , What I had worried was just not happened .
It's amazing and blessing from God that all was great today .

I registered to become the Hallam Union volunteer
and the programme I choose is accompany elder people
to visit Kelham Island Industrial Museum .

We took bus there , it was actually not too far from city central

The Bessemer Converter

Here we met old people outside the museum ,
they were so friendly !It was out of my expectation .

Bailey Bridge - the heritage of world world
was destroy but repair as the exhibit purpose now

Sheffield was the major and famous steel industry producer in the world .
Stainless steel was discovered here too !

Gas Engine

Not only steel collection , it do has silver coating .

The River Don Engine

Evon was a good tour guide !
I thought I should be the initiative party ,
at the end all the students ' role turn upside down.
Old people become the volunteers to serve us ?! hahahaha

I realize the old people needed only a pair of ears and accompanies !

Thanks again Evon to sent me the poster of "The River Don Engine "

Bramah Press

Workshop time - we have opportunity to sat down with old people
and listen on what were they doing on 1950

and talk about the workers attired on old time
Buffer girl and steel man

Buffering the spoon

Evon & Lois
I'm so thankful for spending time with her .

All the old people willing to shared their stories when they were young
and how the Sheffield city and steel industry has developed .

The staffs in the museum did the job as well, they recorded down and collected the information when old people sharing about their old time stories in Sheffield , what they knew about the steel industry , expression and made the correction on the attire of buffet girl and steel man .


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