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Monday, May 18, 2009

Just A dream

I got a dream on last Friday night . I felt so real in the dream .
So real until I can recognize all the faces in my dream , and I know those people in my dream.

4 people , One is my best friend M , One is a guy friend Z , his female friend Y and me myself.
Paiseh ! Since I was rejected by the guy in the dream ...LOLs

The story roughly was ...
Finally , I plucked up my courage to show my love to the guy Z (I must be crazy ! Anyway, it was just a dream ...haha), I thought He was single ( He said he is single , in the reality ) .

It was a day we (4 of us ) went for a trip , the whole"process" happened in the way we drove to the destination .The Y showed face to Z ,which Y realize that I might slightly wanna "action" ( Ha!Ha) to get close and tell Z . Only the time I know that , they hide their relationship . Y was very angry , shouting and arguing with Z , then ran away .And I felt so sad that has been lying.

Ha Ha , still I don't have chance to open my mouth to say anything .
The dream was short , but all the picture was clear ! Although my friend M sat in the car and silent in the whole dream , but she was witnessing the whole story .

The day become so blue after I had this dream .
Honestly , it's just an emotional affection . Not that I love the guy so much after I asking myself for so many times .


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