Sway With Lois: Donutssssssssssssss.............

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I have tried 3 main famous donuts that opened in Malaysia , all the stores are very close to each and another in the KL golden triangle area. And I got out an result ( Sound like doing lots of experiments or tests...hahah)

At The End , I still prefer J.Co !

J.Co , Yes ! I like the creamy aroma ! I love the chocolate !

My second chose would be Big apple , always second place in my heart .

I'm very disappointed on the Krispy Kreme , and I swear that I never try the second times !
It's too sweet and totally no aroma at all! When I was in the queuing , I could smell nothing , even when I got it and put close to my nose , still nothing , no impulse that made me taste one immediately!


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