Sway With Lois: Rojak article !~

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rojak article !~

Lois is work hard in the exam now ! One down , four more to go !
Still you can see me online - for radio or music accompany ~!
Facebook for some game to realise stress . But sorry to blog , I have to ignore you more !

Counting down again ! One month & one day left ONLY , the time for me to enjoy life at oversea .

600g chocolate biscuit finished in 3 days !
Tell you the truth , I gained a lots of weight , don't be surprise
when you see a plump girl stand infront of you
when I'm back to Malaysia - yes ! It would be me :P

Finally made a move to buy the scones last week
Just think that - Should try the original scones while in UK
although didn't taste special

Attending Church as usual - Church is the home for who is away from home

Took again the picture of milk
since want to show parent , I 'm good good girl oh~
I drink milk oh~
4 Pins =2.4 litres

wise design , I don't know if Malaysia has it or not

Yogurt full with strawberry only 9p = RM 0.50 ??????
LOL.......I added the strawberry by my own :P
But still the yogurt is cheaper than Malaysia .

Nose bleeding - I'm not sure if the wind too strong
my body too hot or too cool
or the weather too dry ~

It happens always since I'm here , no worried .

Friends , Do pray for me for my exam
4th , 7th, 8th and 10th Sept


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