Sway With Lois: Save the cheer leader , save the world????

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Save the cheer leader , save the world????

Nothing related to the drama ....hahahaha

My title should put " Save the world also save up RM 0.20"

Actually I don't like to use polystyrene to pack my food.
First , it's hazard to our health , especially those who's staying away from family would always "Da Bao".
Second , it's not reuseable .
Third , hazard our world .

You really can't deny that education would help human to aware that the pollution in world is overwhelming.
You also can't deny although after so many educated effort been done in human , they still ignore .

We can't avoid to use it , but we can reducing in using it .
I have started reducing in using plastic bag when doing shopping or in grocery store.
Also , reuse the plastic container that in my house .

YUP ! I save RM 0.20 today since I brought my own containers for dinner and YO YO ice .
The yo yo ice 's "Tauke" reduces 20 cent for me as I brought my own container ...hehehe

Plastic bag also is reuse one oh ........ :P


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