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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3+1= 3 1/2

My friend - Jecg is doing her PhD in UK now, I have tried to pursue her to write blog or some account so that I can always know how is her life there.
She just said , there 's nothing special to write .

what 's "Special" in our life?
Giving thanks on small methods or friends , can consider special?
Keep our good memories in life or share our through/ experience , can be special?
Express our anger & dissatisfy?

Sure I can't force anyone to open their privacy to other , it's still up to you to decided .

For my own , I'm a person who like to keep lots in my mind or inside myself
I just wanna tell tell tell

I was so poor last 2 weeks
( I'm not rich this week as well :) )
However , richer than last 2 weeks and able to buy muruku!
and got a half pack free by the shopkeeper after I paid :P

I still wonder why he gaves me more which I didn't required for ...............................
Thank you for the nice shopkeeper , so I share to you I got a half pack free today !


Anonymous Jecg said...

Hey...u no need to put me on your space though I said I'd not like to blog >_< Merry X'mas...

3:13 am  
Blogger Lois said...

the main point that I wanna say is not if you like to or not.

I just wanna say .....life is always special :P

8:28 am  

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