Sway With Lois: Man VS junk , Woman VS junk

Friday, December 12, 2008

Man VS junk , Woman VS junk

It's so normal to see a girl eating ice-cream ,chocolate or potatoes chips anywhere in the street .
Girls don't need to mind on how people looking on them when they eat junk , this is their "right granted"....always , always .............

But it's weird when you see a guy who is dress in coat and eating ice-cream :P
Girl can lick ice -cream but guy cannot .......hahahaha , you can try anyway ~
(I lick ice-cream sometime , but MOM warned me not to ! Just like she warned me not to blow the bubble when I ate screwing gum)

What other would say when they saw a guy eat junk?
  1. He is not taking care on his health
  2. He is childish
  3. He is pretending himself very cute
  4. Just because his 's girl friend like it

It's not my idea , I just read from someone 's blog which mention about it .
You always have your own choice to do whatever you think you want to :P

I was chocolate addict ~ was !
However , when the price keeps on increase , sadly , I started struggling when standing in front of the chocolate section.....counting , counting and counting ....wah...price increase again ! Gosh !
And gradually , I take less and less ...and less and less..........
I miss Chocolate !


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