Sway With Lois: Please don't ignore me !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Please don't ignore me !

Exhausted .......could be say so !
No time for reading book and no time for a little game , no time for telly , no time for family , no time for friends , no time to rest my mind .

Today is 24th ! One day before Christmas ~
7 days left to completed year 2008 , and entering 2009 .
haven't have time to set my goal and target for next year ~ ( as usual ...lol)

Lots of ideas to shout out in this period but I 'm kinda lazy to translate into words.
Somethings wanna tell but not convenient to write down here .
Was depression on the past experience that make me tried to keep silent and ignore the unpleasant feel .

Cool! I found this two books in library after I wrote this

There is always some periods that I would drop into a big cycle , keep on walking inside the cycle and can't think out of the box .It's so easy to fall into it , no signs and no aware .
Unfortunately , I didn't learn from the past and cope it .

why ?

Since human being is not perfect !
I need other caring , loving and concern on me , I don't wanna be lonely in the life , just because of you ( yes ! Don't look on left or right , don't doubt ! it's you ) my life can be more beautiful.

Will you support me ?

My examination is start from 14/1 ~ 22/1
Please keep me in your prayer!


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