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Monday, February 01, 2010

Rojak Page In weekend :P

Since I have started to work , weekend become my very personnal private time to take rest - Sleep ! And time for family and friends ! Therefore , any of you would like to meet up can drop me a message anything in weekday :)

CNY is just on the corner , everybody are busying with keeping& cleaning house , baking cookie, painting wall .......blah...blah blah ...blah ......and I hate the weather near by CNY ! Damn hot , even just sitting inside house , still can be swearing all the time !

Sunday noon time , while I was still in nap ( a long nap !) after church service and little house work , dad knocked my door and asked If I want to joined them to go to shopping . I felt very weird , we never went shopping on 3pm ( I mean , mostly we would make shopping in early morning or evening time , but in the middle on the noon time seems no right for my timing :P) and I was still blur by waked up by them !

Blah blah......................too long story , isn't it ?
I only able to got myself a belt on these 6hours shopping in two shopping malls , no shoe or clothes !

In the crowded period in KL area ( Thaipusam + CNY + weekend ) , hardly you can find any parking anywhere , so we decided to go far away from the main town to have our dinner at old klang road . Unfortunately , we couldn't found the restaurant that we been for long time ago anymore , so we got to the purplecane tea house near by - mom choose it anyway .

Honestly , beside the atmosphere in these restaurant , nothing can praise anymore :P

All the dishs are containing different tea ~ but...........
only the tea rice is the nicer one :P

tasteless !

haiz.... to get delicious food in KL?
healthy or tasty ?
Strong taste or light one ?


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