Sway With Lois: Cousin's wedding

Monday, June 01, 2009

Cousin's wedding

Marriage is about love , is not about age .

It was what in my mind at the first , but I hope it would not be use in those who is not mature enough .Haha . Don't misunderstood , my cousin do not marry an old man .

The sentence came out with my deepest heart . It includes a complicated experience I have in this few days , what I have seen from some of my relatives and friends.What I mean on these sentence is , it doesn't matter what age to get marry , the most important is to get the correct one for you.

After 3 exhausted days celebration , I able to sleep well last night .
I have a short time to recall back the childhood time with my cousin before I fall asleep.I recalled back how she looks like when her young time , how was her hair style look like , her behaviour , and our great memories .

We didn't contact much after we're growing , it could be once or twice per year . Although we 're staying not far away from each and other . I wish she can get the blessing , caring and love in her marriage.

Honestly , I don't like the Chinese traditional wedding dinner .The main point is the karaoke section ! In my idea , wedding dinner could be a great opportunity for families and friends to gathering and chit chatting , but the noisy karaoke spoil the atmosphere !

Enjoying the time with family :) , not much topics to chat with , I prefer listen more !
I visit my grandparent too, they're getting older while we 're growing !


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