Sway With Lois: London trip - lonely planet day 3 & 4

Monday, December 14, 2009

London trip - lonely planet day 3 & 4

Early the Sunday Morning
After Breakfast in the previous hostel , Yippe !
I was moving to YHA !

For the continuing 2 days left in London
I pretty wish the environment was better , no doubt ! it didn't disappointed me :)

Once again to warn you , don't always think that backpack is easy !
On the time , I wished I carried the trolley case with me !
I wish people don't showed me a wrong way ! Since you just can't imagine how silent or fewer people on the road that you can asking for .

The other situation was , even you met people on the road , they might just like you ,
A traveler ! Why I said so ????
I can't show you the exactly official statistics, but I believe more than 70 % citizen or population in London are not British !

The only thing they could help was showing you the map :P
Honestly it did give slightly help sometimes !
Therefore ,don't hesitate to ask for more than one person before you really going to the direction :P ( my own experience !)

I arrived too early and not able to check in yet
But no worried , there was a luggage room for you to stored it .

Don't forget , it was Sunday Morning , I had have an appointment with friend, wei Perng , that I will attend his ' church in Soho , the west end of London which is near by the China town .

I was so touched with what they could have done ,
they could shared gospel in the China town with songs & hand out the Gospel tracts .
Although it needed license application , it was so pleased to see that Chinese Christian willing to shared gospel to all of the Chinese in the world .

Even those foreigners(western people) stopped to have a look , and they might though it was one of the performance in the China town !

I could do nothing on that moment , but I wish my prayers to Lord
can open & touch the hearts !

The previous two days , I have taken underground all my way
suddenly feel like want to took a bus , as well as you have an oyster card with you ,
nothing to worried about .

You will never get lost in London honestly ~

The different angle you could saw from the bus.

Have a stopped at Hyde Park
One of the largest park in London Central

The park is divided into two which are Hyde Park is 142 hectares and
Kensington Gardens is 111 hectares

Hardly imagine , a park which can contained such a huge area ,
and it had been established few hundred years ago.

all around the park , you can see them run here and there ~

Chestnut , food for chipmunk
but not more human :P

Lois Love?
? Love Lois

hahahhahahahha......I saw chipmunks collected chestnut
I collected as well .But unfortunately , it cannot be eat !
Bitter one , I tried it ! I believe the chestnut we ate is different type .

Too relax , people are jogging , dating , picnic - ing, playing games
Just can't against the awesome environment , I almost fallen in sleep with the nice wind blew .

My 3rd days in London End with went back to cook my dinner at YHA and take a rest after another shop in Leicester square - near by China Town .

3rd day ~

I had a sweet dream last night ! Woke up with satisfaction ~Care nothing , and walked myself to basement kitchen with messy look seems like my own home ( No one know me :P)

My London trip brought me some thought ,
4 days didn't mean anything , the thought might have gathered from the past 14 days in Europe adding with the other 4 days in London . I had no much time to think on the past 14 days since no silent time and lonely time , it was always accompanied with huge group of people.

When I laid on the bed in hostel , and walked on the stranger streets , met up with strangers.
Carried nothing , beside about £ 100++ on my pocket + one passport +a mobile +a heavy backpack which mostly was my clothes , those were all I had as my properties on that time .
A sudden thought came into my mind ,

"Meaningless! Meaningless!"
says the Teacher.
"Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless."

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is

Ecclesiastes 1:2

What was left with me if I died now? were all those "properties " important ( No deny , as a human being , those are still important , if not I will be treated as illegal , aren't I ) ? What about all I have hold so tight and crashing for so long , are they all important for me anymore?

What about all those little things in my room ? Do I need all those to survive?
I can't answer myself , I just knew that I born with nothing and will died with nothing I can hold!

Early morning on Monday
Not many visitors and sudden felt like want to have a walked to Tower Bridge again .

The day view is as lovely as the night view ~

My friend recommended me the Natural Museum at Cromwell.
My target in this London trip , all the free entrance places was my target ...haha

A huge museum which you could spent few hours to visited ~

Kaki ayam ~! No it is not ! But It made me thought of the
“Peanut Chicken claw soup " 花生鸡脚汤

I'm not fancy on the chicken claw cuisine but my family do :P

Polar bear
I have read some news about the Polar bear ate the little polar due to not enough food
and some grey colour Polar bear are born .

I love the food in China town
Although the price was slightly high , with tax and Chinese tea
£ 7++ , but I have been save up for so long on all my trips .

My 4 beds dorm in YHA with toilet
clean and lovely ~
All my roomates were gone when I went back on evening time .

Kitchen & Cabinet& Fridge that you can store your food

Just need to write your name on the striker and label on your food
No worry , no people will going to steal your food ~

Food that were left out by previous tenant , feel free to use it ~

There are 2 kitchen full with all the equipments which is well prepare ~

The 4th days morning , I woke up a bit late since I have to check out and went back to Sheffield by Megabus , the megabus service was good , I can't demand more with £3 fare . But I really have nothing to complaint with .


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