Sway With Lois: Europe trip day 7 - Rome & Vatican (Italiano)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Europe trip day 7 - Rome & Vatican (Italiano)

We knew that Vatican is the smallest countries in the world
but how small it is ?

I heard it , I know it & I saw it with my eyes !

No passport needed , just a few second
cross a zebra crossing , you could going back to Italiano again .

Such a small country with only about 800 populations , they have their own army ~

The picture is Jesus Christ 's Baptism

Swiss guard
cute uniform ! Don't joke !
They have existed for hundreds of years already as bodyguard!
They're famous because of their loyalty ! salute !

Poor Him ! Under such a hot sun !

Bridge of Angels

Ice cream
again Ice cream

one of the "MUST" you have to try in Italiano !

I was wondering where could I open the water from washbasin ?
There was no any sensor at all, but look at my leg! I trod on it !

Polizia - a smart one !

They were playing one of my favorite song when I took these picture :)

The Panthenon

The building is circular -and the Pantheon dome is with no cover on the top

The Trevi Fountain
I didn't make a wish but I hope I could visit again :)

Fontana Della Barcaccia

Chestnut - Just as the Chinese style one , but with no nice armor :P

Roman Forum

Your empire is no longer exist
The old Roman Kingdom
who can stand firm forever ?

There 's no one
not even one

No matter how warm the weather was
still the water is cold

The Colosseum- I don't have good imagination
I can't imagine how
prosperous it was .

There are no more sounds of cheering or sound of sadness
the atmosphere was silent ....silent

Always best to have friends around
they're the source of happiness

( Both also not my hand , I was the one who took photo)...LOL


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