Sway With Lois: Day 3 Luxembourg & Heidelberg (Germany)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 3 Luxembourg & Heidelberg (Germany)

is a small country which we only stayed for few hours there
This country use 3 main language as their official language
French , Germany and Luxembourgish

Why ?
Because it is country neighborhood with the France , Belgium and Germany.
This country is still ruled by Grand Duke

Freedom monument

Who's face ?

Royal Guard

Rue = road =路
amazing !

feel some peaceful in this atmosphere

Grand Canyon Valley

I love the railway ~
feel some good to see the train pass by

Citizen of Luxembourg can use its with free of charge
Cool , isn't it ?

Jump , Jump, Jump , we arrived German

Now you know how I could traveled about 10 countries with 14 days ?
I'm not lying , I was in 2 countries in a day .

Here I was in Germany -Heidelberg
Germany Student Prince city !

Bi Bo~ Bi Bo~ Germany's ambulance car

Germany famous bread - Pretzel
It is shape of a three looped knots
taste salted (traditional )
but still you can find some is sweet one :)

How I wish I could sit down there for a coffee and
chit chat with my friends or
reading a book for the whole day !

Twin Tower Old Bridge

I don't care about what the world doing !
I just want to be there !

The marvelous view catch all my attention !
I wish to have a walk along the riverside everyday and enjoying the sunset.
These is what I can't against ! How awesome our God create the beautiful World !

Necker River


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