Sway With Lois: Europe trip Day4 Munich-New Swan Castle-Reutte( Germany)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Europe trip Day4 Munich-New Swan Castle-Reutte( Germany)

Sweet Corn farm beside the highway !
I Love Sweet corn , but it was told sweet corn here is to feed animal !

First stop , Munich Olympic stadium
Not recommend ! Nothing special here!

Next stop , Munich city central

What were they protested ?

Seems like walking in the ancient world
people carried knife and ride horse
you can see the dragon flies around .....hahaha
Too much imagination !

Pretzel is not only food , but .........

While my Mom review my pictures , she keeps on complaint that visited Europe is nothing special but just only visited Churches ! .........after that,only I realise that I love huge huge Mall which is not many in Malaysia !

Unfortunately , I just have a second to took this photo but
not able to stop down to enjoy the music !

See , my sweet pretzel !
yummy !

Ahead to New swan Castle

Cool! You can saw the castle from far far away :)

A little boy queuing in front of us
The only word we could communicate was "Hello"
He kept on saying "Hello, Hello, Hello" to us . Therefore ,
don't always thought that knowing only English
can make you survive in Europe countries :P

This castle was owned by King Ludwig II,
He disliked large public functions and avoided formal social events whenever possible. So , He built this castle as his own little world .He just able to stayed in the castle for very short time .
King Ludwig never married , but my tour guide said he was homosexual .
Was that true ? I don't know !
But it would not be a new "news" , since even in the old old time in Bible , Homosexual did exist .

Can you wonder why the King Ludwig didn't like to leave his castle
after you seen the view here ?

The palace had appeared in several movie and inspiration for sleep beauty !

While some of my friends asked me ,after I had traveled to so many countries in Europe , which are my favourite ? I'd say Germany , Switzerland and Austria.

Believe or not , the New swan castle and the lake were the main reason for me to choose Germany ! I wish to come back again in the future to re-visit !

Dinner time , I was no longer in German but here I was in Austria ! To Be Continue ..........


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