Sway With Lois: Some little gatherings

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Some little gatherings

This two weeks are pretty rushing and full with all the gathering with family and friends.

Last Saturday went to met Shu Shin and Bee Kim ( My ex-housemate) at Sg Wang , Thank you for the Scarf that they sent to me ( it's somewhere in my baggage, too messy ) ! Hehe . Pretty much treasure our friendship ( Chew hwe is now at Taiwan ) that we have built up while we stayed together for 3 years in Genting Klang . The great times we had spent together that I never forget !

And family gather in my cousin's wedding took another 3 days full , times to met again my mom 's side relatives.The young one are growing , the old one are getting older . And surprising that I got a call from my aunt on Tuesday night , she wanna have a Breaklunch dim sum as a farewell for me . More surprise was ....she gave me ang pau ...hehe.

Wednesday night . Time for friend again .
Best friend of mine since primary school and my sister in Christ . Mei Chee , No one I wish to meet beside her the most .
We had the great time for a long chatting and fantastic view on the top view of kajang .
Thank you for stay with me for so long , our friendship is build up with years .
Our privity /tacit and tolerance building up with the past experiences of disagreement and different perspectives .

Today , the last appointment .
Another fabulous location . Look Out Point at hulu langat -Amapang.

Jimmy , Peggy and Lois
My BB friends

Thanks Jimmy for the dinner and time for gathering .

The last but not least , the most important people I want to send my deepest thank you are my parent and brother . They give me 100 % of love ,caring & encouragement which can't be replaced .


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