Sway With Lois: The 7th Day

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The 7th Day

My flatmates , 3 out of 3

One on the Uni compound-The HUB

City Centre


Castle Market, A place to get fresh meat and veges

SCC -The Church that I attend

Bible Class on Friday evening

Today weather was awesome ! A sweet sunny day which I don't need to wear like dumpling anymore :P

The class canceled due to the vaccination given by University this morning . However , the class still need to replace on next week ! No a good idea !

It took only less than half hour for the whole course to complete this task , the we were free after that. What was the things can't miss out was- Shopping!

Don't worry ! I buy only the 2 bags of pepper for today. The main purpose to shop was to get more familiar with the city centre so that I know where to get some affordable souvenirs to buy for you! you! and you!

I was exhausted after few hours shopping with the empty stomach , the food outside is always slightly expensive . Most of the time we are bringing our lunch box to Uni if there is class until late afternoon.

Friday evening .....

I went to SSC for the very first bible study in church with two of my flatmates , we had dinner together in church before the fellowship started . It could also consider as student fellowship in the church . Mostly from HK , Malaysia and China , young workers and students as well .
It was a great times for gathering , a feel of home ! Sharing same mission and vision of gospel and God's words.

The world is so small! I met Jasper in Uni , Sheffield city centre and church in the same day .
I knew about him from 3rdKL website that mention him that he is coming for the summer programme as well .BB members are spread over the world !


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