Sway With Lois: Friday NOON , Rock !

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Friday NOON , Rock !

Left only 3 final weeks for my studied in Sheffield , times flies !
The class on Friday realized early on 12 pm , was exhaust and feel so pressure with all the assignments:( , there 5 more in the coming 2 weeks !

But it is Friday , I want something special and relax !
Not must be party or whole day trip ,
How about just a small walking trip in city central ?

The Millennium Museum behind my University
3 mins walk ....short distance , isn't it ?

Not photo taken allow on those exhibition art pieces
but I can have my little art works picture :P

Next station , another 3 mins walking distance
Peace Garden

Great name for the park , particularly, it works!
lots of the families gathering there .
Nanny mommy and nanny daddy like to bring kids there !

Next station , 5 mins distance from peace garden .
A Church I passed through for many times

Finally , entering it .
The building inside is luxury than what I thought ~

Just Can imagine how big is the church with judging from
the outlook from the Church building

I think this is a Catholic or Anglican Church

Only this kinds of church has many chapels inside it

Angels under our head?

All of the places that I visited were very close to each other .Don't be lost , yes , I was there in the city central , where all the branded shops and traffic are still surrounding . Amazing , isn't it ? The old building, huge church , art gallery and awesome garden are part of the city. Once you step out from those buildings , you 're just like going back to the reality !

The overall 15 mins distance from University costs me 2 hours , place my eyes more detail and relax ways , feel what the Sheffield resident feel , looking at the child 's game time and silent in the solemness church .


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